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14 Sep 2016

Planning Board Meeting

June 13, 2016


Present:  Bob Salmon, Joyce Newkirk, Scott Pellman, Andy Jones, Bob Lake, Doug Brown, Mike Mann, Joe Bush, Jeff Hunt, Jill Doss


Chairman Salmon called the Board meeting to order at 7 p.m.


Joseph Bush – 275 Genesee Street

Mr. Bush appeared before the Board this evening to discuss his renovation/repair plans for 275 Genesee which he recently purchased.  His daughter would locate her hypno-therapy business and he would locate his construction business office in the downstairs.  He has currently gutted the downstairs and repairing the two upstairs apartment units.  He has been working on repairing the structure and removing the damaged siding ( water and heat damaged from the fire at the former hotel next door) from the building with plans to remove more( due to mold concerns) and replace the siding with an attractive dutch lap type siding.  He torn out sheetrock in the building and putting in new studs to help him increase the insulation, he’s upgrading the wiring, installing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as well.  He plans to remove the porch from the front of the building and paint the barn to make it look better.  He will be doing other work on that in the future.  In the future, as well, he plans to construct a one-bedroom apartment on the foundation at the back of the building.  He plans to begin the outside work on the building in July and has focused more on getting the inside of the building in shape.  He is continuing to empty the contents of the garage.  The Board asked about available parking for the tenants and the businesses.  He stated he had plenty of space for parking.  The apartments would require 2 spaces for each unit, plus spaces for the business.    The Board stated they would like to see information on parking, building colors, and signage for the businesses.  


Jeff Hunt-Chittenango Lumber proposed addition

Mr. Hunt appeared before the Board this meeting to discuss his proposal to build an addition to his lumber facility.  He would like to build a “door store” adjacent to the existing buildings.  The proposed addition would be a display for doors, to give individuals the ability to see the products available.  There wouldn’t be a separate entrance; the addition would be accessed through the existing building.  There is no additional signage planned.  The building will be for product display and office space.  The plan is to remove some of the fence at the front of the property and relocate the gate in the fence to the east.  Mr. Hunt showed example of the planned roofing material which is a standing seam roof and a tentative design for the building.  He is planning a black roof with a darker red siding (6” cove siding), similar to the color on the existing building.  The Board advised that a site plan will be necessary for this project.  A short form SEQR would be necessary as well.  The Secretary will send a form to Mr. Hunt.  The Board discussed creating a driveway cut where the new gate will be located.  This would require review and approval by the State DOT. 


Mike Mann- Proposed Development

Mr. Mann appeared before the Board this evening to discuss his idea for development of the property at 279 Genesee Street and the adjoining property to the rear and also a portion of land that his family owns on the south side of 279.  He is proposing subdividing a portion of land off his family property and a portion of the rear parcel to build a one family home (with access from Race Street), subdividing the rear parcel to create a 20-unit senior housing building, and the remaining portion of the rear parcel combined with 279 Genesee Street to create a business that would be an asset to the community.  The Board discussed the information presented.  They suggested he talk with an architect to put together a plan showing exactly how the proposed development would look and how the site would be accessed.   The Board thought the concept was a good one, but more information is needed to see if the proposed ideas would work.   The Board suggested that Madison County Planning and Village Board be advised of the proposal to get their thought and input.


Adams Apartments

The Board discussed that C & S Engineer’s has received the final revised copy of the Stormwater Management Report and the Construction drawings for the Adams Apartments and the final documents have been reviewed and they are complete.  The drainage report is complete.  All documents are approved for construction.  Ed Reid will be providing the SWPPP inspections and reviews for the NYSDEC and Jeff Geer will oversee construction.   The Board reviewed and discussed the Plans and the Stormwater Management Report.   Upon the motion made by Andy Jones, seconded by Scott Pellman, that based upon Paul Adams for Adams Apartment development has met the criteria set forth in the Code and the Village Engineer has signed off that documents are complete the Planning Board gives final approval to the Adams Apartment development.  If the applicant will be filing the documents with Madison County, he will need to provide a Mylar and additional paper copies to be stamped and signed by the Village Planning Board.  The Secretary was instructed to notify Mr. Adams and advise him of the approval and the filing instructions.  All members present voting in favor.



The Board members reviewed the minutes of May 9, 2016.   Upon the motion made by Bob Lake, seconded by Joyce Newkirk, minutes of May 9, 2016 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor.


Tattooing & Solar Energy Code Research

The Village Board has responded that they would like the Planning Board to look into and make recommendations for Tattoo Parlors and Solar Energy for the Code.



With no further business and upon the motion made by Joyce Newkirk, seconded by Bob Lake, meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.  All members present voting in favor.


Respectfully submitted,





Jill A. Doss

PB Secretary








Jill Doss

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