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21 Sep 2016

Planning Board Meeting

January 11, 2016


Present:  Bob Salmon, Joyce Newkirk, Scott Pellman, Andy Jones, Bob Lake, Doug Brown, Paul Adams, Valerie Amidon, representative from Allied Signs, P.I.G. student, resident, Mrs. Doss


Chairman Salmon called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


Chittenango Can & Bottle Return Center – Signage

Valerie Amidon appeared before the Board this evening to discuss signage for the new bottle return center she is planning to open in the Village.  It is located in the same location as the former Rescue Mission bottle return center (behind the former Waldman’s building).  She is planning for one attached sign 4 x 8 located to the left of the entrance and an A-frame sign out by the road on Genesee Street.  She showed the design of her signs.  These signs will be the same as the previous signs; both size and location.  The attached sign will not be lit.  She explained her hours of operation (the center will be closed Sunday and Wednesday), and, the fact that the return center will be $.05 per can or bottle.  No games, no frills.  The Board stated that the signs need to be kept in good repair and condition and be professionally done.   Upon the motion made by Andy Jones, seconded by Joyce Newkirk, the signs for the Chittenango Can & Bottle Return Center approved as presented this evening.  All members present voting in favor.  Ms. Amidon will need to obtain the proper permits from the Code Enforcement Office.


Empower Federal Credit Union – signage

A representative from Allied Sign Company appeared before the Board this evening to discuss the sign changes for the Empower Federal Credit Union which recently merged with Focal Point Credit Union.  The representative explained that the signs are the same size and location as those that were in place for Focal Point.  There is no change in the size or number of signs being proposed.  Upon the motion made by Scott Pellman, seconded by Joyce Newkirk, the Board approves the signage change for the Empower Federal Credit Union.  All members present voting in favor.


Paul Adams – Apartment Complex

The Board members reviewed the information presented by the Village Engineer for the questions on the sidewalk and drainage concerns, as well as the lighting questions from the last meeting with Paul Adams.  The Board stressed the fact that from the safety standpoint, the Board would like to see raised sidewalks installed in the development.  Paul stated he understood from the safety standpoint, but from the practical standpoint it will be a costly maintenance issue for him, the concern is he won’t be on site 24/7 and keeping up with clearing the snow from the raised sidewalks would be a problem.  The other concern is the property grade in the areas of Phase II and III of the development are steep and could cause problems because the area is so steep. There is no plan to put sidewalks in this area because it is so steep. Mr. Adams stated that raised curbs are expensive to put in and maintain.  This is a private complex and he is very aware that he needs to make the area as safe as possible.  The Board discussed the concern.  Andy Jones suggested an alternative for sidewalks throughout the site.  It was suggested that raised sidewalks be put installed from Route 5 to Phase I building(this would require that the retention pond near Route 5 be re-designed to allow for the sidewalk, then continue a walkway through the parking lots between the buildings in Phase I , with ramped areas off the raised walkways.  These walkways would be marked on the parking lot area as a walkway.  Then a macadam walk could be used to connect the three phases, not along the roadway, but between buildings. The walkways would also be delineated in the parking areas in Phase II and III.    These macadam walks could be designated as “future connective trail”, as a way to allow residents in the complex to walk through the site and would provide a raised sidewalk at the entrance to the complex along the roadway that would address the concern of safety.  The Board discussed the suggestion with Mr. Adams.  He thought this was a practical solution to the concern.  Upon the motion made by Andy Jones, seconded by Joyce Newkirk, the Board gives tentative approval of the sidewalk and “future connection trail” modification to the Adams Apartment complex drawing subject to the review of the Village Engineer.  The Village Engineer will be addressing the final drainage review of the site once he sees the modified drawings for the sidewalks and trails.  All members present voting in favor.


Happy Birthday Joyce Newkirk!  Today is Joyce’s 80th birthday!!  An enthusiastic singing of Happy Birthday was sung to Joyce in honor of her special day!


Annexation –Batdorf property

The Board reviewed the information received in regard to the upcoming joint public hearing with the Town and Village for the annexation of William & Mary Batdorf property on Genesee Street.  The Board had no comment to make except to say that they thought it was a good use for the property and they had no objection to the Village Board being the Lead Agency for purposes of SEQR for the requested annexation.



The Board reviewed the minutes of December 14, 2015.  Upon the motion made by Joyce Newkirk, seconded by Scott Pellman, minutes of December 14, 2015 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor.


With no further business and upon the motion made by Bob Lake, seconded by Scott Pellman, meeting adjourned at 8:26 p.m.  All members present voting in favor.


Respectfully submitted,





Jill A. Doss

PB Secretary




Jill Doss

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