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21 Sep 2016

Planning Board Meeting

March 7, 2016


Present:  Bob Salmon, Joyce Newkirk, Scott Pellman, Bob Lake, Doug Brown, Atty. Baum, Mike Keville, Mrs. Doss

Absent:  Andy Jones


Chairman Salmon called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Paul Adams- Apartments

No one came to the meeting this evening.  The Secretary had contacted the Village’s engineer.  They are still awaiting the final plans from Mr. Adams engineer in order to complete the final drainage and site review.  No action this evening.


Batdorf Annexation Update

The annexation request by Mr. & Mrs. Batdorf was turned down by the Village Board as the Batdorf properties were not contiguous with a Village boundary.  The Town of Sullivan had also denied the application.  The Village is in the process of researching a possible agreement for the property.


Tattoo Shop

Atty. Baum reviewed with the Planning Board language in the Code about tattoo shops.  He reported that tattoo shops are not adult uses.  They are permitted in special business and light industrial zones with a special use permit. He further explained that the Planning Board has the right to put conditions in place for a special use permit.  So the request would come before the Planning Board.  If the applicant was seeking to put a shop in any other zone, he would have the ability to apply for a variance. 

Mr. Bordell did not come to the meeting this evening.



The Board members reviewed the minutes of February 8, 2016.  Upon the motion made by Scott Pellman, seconded by Joyce Newkirk, minutes of February 8, 2016 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor.


Mr. Keville spoke with the Board this evening about the Planning Board and different projects that have happened and some ideas for future development.  Mr. Keville is running for the office of Mayor in March 2016.  He thanked the Board for the discussion.

He stated he would probably drop in to meetings once in a while just to see what was happening around the Village.  


With no further business, meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. upon the motion made by Joyce Newkirk, seconded by Doug Brown.  All members present voting in favor.


Respectfully submitted,


Jill A. Doss, Secretary PB



Jill Doss

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