Village of Chittenango, New York
Village Board Meeting June 27th 2017

Village Board Meeting

June 27, 2017


Present:  Mayor Keville, Trustee Horning, Trustee Kopp, Trustee Baldwin, Trustee Bough Martin, Mrs. Kendall, Mr. Gloska, Mr. Pulver, Chief Corey, Mrs. Doss


The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.



The Board reviewed the minutes of May 23, 2017.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Bough Martin, minutes of May 23, 2017 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor.

The Board reviewed the minutes of May 30, 2017.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Kopp, seconded by Trustee Bough Martin, minutes of May 30, 2017 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor. 

The Board reviewed the minutes of June 26, 2017.   Upon the motion made by Trustee Kopp, seconded by Trustee Horning, minutes of June 26, 2017 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor. 



Court – The Board reviewed the May 2017 Court report.  All records found to be in order.

Police – The Chief reviewed the May 2017 Police report with the Board.  All the officers have qualified at the range.  There are two new recruits that are working to complete Phase II of their training.  There were some tickets issued during the Buckle Up NY campaign; the compliance has been pretty high.  From the Police perspective, the OzStravaganza festival went well.  There was one individual who did cause some concern; the information on that individual was handed over to Canastota for their upcoming special event; information was also forwarded to Onondaga County and other agencies in regard to this individual.  The Chief spoke briefly about some traffic complaints.   There is a cross walk initiative planned in the next couple of weeks to address the concerns expressed about drivers who are not stopping for individuals in crosswalks.  The plan is to place unmarked vehicles near the crosswalks and also officers to do an education initiative to bring awareness to the concern.  The issue of underage drinking is also a concern that will be addressed in the next few weeks.  The Department is also looking into some possible grants for funding assistance for the cameras for Maloff Towers.  The Chief reported that he has received quotes for pricing of $100,000 plus down to the $30,000 range.  The different options are being reviewed and what will best serve the needs of both the Village and the Complex. 

A concern was expressed by Trustee Baldwin in regard to the NYSDOT traffic light at the Sun Chevrolet intersection.  Vehicles traveling south on 5 and intending to turn left onto Madison Street – there seems to be confusion on the turning.  Mayor Keville will be in touch with the DOT in regard to another matter and will discuss this concern with them at that time. 

Codes – The Mayor reviewed the May report for the Codes office. 

WWTP - The May 2017 report for the WWTP report was reviewed.  All levels were within prescribed levels. 

DPW report – Mr. Pulver reported that the Episcopal Church has given permission to cross their property for the installation and connection of the new water line to the Village Hall.  A thank you will be sent to the Church for their working with us for this project.  The crew has been preparing Race Street for the installation of the connector sidewalk to the Trail.  Some trees were cut down to get the area ready.  Mr. Pulver spoke about the Village’s participation with the OzStravaganza event.  The DPW had approximately 250 hours invested in the festival with the Police Department having between 200-300 hours.  The Village will speak with the OzStravaganza organizers about listing the Village as a major sponsor for the event with the man hours and other contributions to the event.  Currently, the Village is not noted as a major contributor to this community event.  Mr. Pulver continued his report and stated that the street light purchase is currently on hold as the pricing received from National Grid was higher than expected.  The Village will wait for a clearer path and perhaps approach this project at a later date.  Currently, LED options are being researched as another option.  The Board asked if we could look into converting what we currently own to LED lighting.  This will be discussed further. 

WWTP – Mr. Pulver commented that Forrest Sequin is currently reviewing some mapping for a request from Wilson Insurance in regard to the flood insurance for the WWTP.  Insurance carrier needs additional information for insurance purposes and making a determination on the coverage that is in place for the facility and if the property is within the flood plain. 

Gill Street – Trees have been purchased for the end of Gill Street and topsoil will be coming from the Oneida Nation when they do their gas station project in the Town of Sullivan.  The Nation is waiting to hear the result of their bids for the project and will advise the Village when they might begin their project and when we could receive the topsoil for Gill Street.

Trail System – currently the Village has had no response from the State representative Colleen Deacon in regard to the Trail project proposal. 


The Mayor advised that Counsel Bell might not be coming to the meeting this evening as her grandmother was taken to the hospital. 


Route 5/Traffic Question

The Mayor advised that he has been in touch with Region 2 of the DOT in regard to the speed limit reduction request on Route 5 from the five corners (east and west bound) from 40 mph to 30 mph as this is such a busy traffic area and many businesses and driveways.  The State DOT has advised that it is an approximately 8 week review process.  Photos have been sent along with the request. 


Tax Bill 2016 Request

The Clerk advised that a request was received through the Town of Sullivan and Madison County for a  refund correction for a 2016 Village tax bill for Peter Bobbette for 102 Jill Street.  Due to a clerical error, a veteran exemption that Mr. Bobbette was entitled to was not given to him on his 2016 Village tax bill, which would amount to a $61.38 refund to Mr. Bobbette.  The Clerk advised she checked with both the Town and County about the error, and was told that the box that should have been checked for Mr. Bobbette to receive the Veteran Exemption on his Village tax was not checked and he did not receive the deduction he was entitled to.  The Board discussed the correction request.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Horning, the Board authorizes a refund of $61.38 to Peter Bobbette for 102 Jill Street for 2016 Village tax omitted veteran exemption.  All members present voting in favor.


Asphalt Bids

Bids were received on June 23, 2017

Davis Wallbridge                              Option 1 $87877.00 Option 2 23500.00

Dolomite Products (Ulster)            Option 1 $83301.88 Option 2 $28465.00

Salt Springs Paving                          Option 1 $89000.00 Option 2 $22000.00

Northern Asphalt                             Option 1 $58.75/ton   Option 2 $86.91/ton

Barrett Paving                                  Option 1 $78312.00 Option 2 $15540.00


The Board discussed the bids that were received.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Kopp, seconded by Trustee Horning, the bid was awarded to Northern Asphalt for Option 1 only.  Option 2 (which is for paving the parking lot at Village Hall) will be put on hold at this time.  All members present voting in favor.


Sales Tax 1% Extender Legislation

The Village was notified by the County that the State Legislators had left Albany and not voted on the 1% sales tax extender legislation as it was tangled in with other legislation involving NYC issues dealing with Charter Schools and other items.  The extender legislation is normally reviewed and voted on every -2-3 years and allows for the additional 1% sales tax to be calculated and circulated to local municipalities.  Without passage of this legislation, the Village could standing to lose approximately $160,000 in revenue for the 2017-18 year and possibly the 2018-19 year as well.  The Mayor urged everyone to contact their legislators and demand they return to Albany and deal with this issue that impacts many Counties and local communities in NY State.  Call Assemblyman Magee!


Next Meeting

The Board discussed the meeting date for July 2017.  Because of vacation schedules, the Board members agreed to change the meeting date to July 20, 2017 (Thursday) from July 25, 2017. 


Extension of Harboring Animals Moratorium

Trustee Baldwin advised that the Committee is nearing completion of their review of the legislation for harboring animals, but will need more time so she requested that the moratorium be extended for an additional six months’ time. 

LOCAL LAW B-2017    (“A Local Law Extending for an Additional Period of Six (6) Months

the Moratorium on the Harboring of Animals Within the Village of Chittenango”)

Trustee Baldwin introduced proposed Local Law No. B-2017 to extend for six (6) additional months a Moratorium on the harboring of animals within the Village of Chittenango and made the following Resolution, which was seconded by Trustee Bough Martin:

WHEREAS,proposed Local Law No. B-2017 will extend a Moratorium enabling the Village to continue its review and comprehensively address the issues involved with harboring animals; and

WHEREAS,in furtherance of the purposes for such Moratorium, the Village Board of Trustees appointed a Committee to research and make a recommendation to the Village Board as to the proper regulation of such use in a meaningful and effective manner; and

WHEREAS, said Committee met regularly, conducted numerous inquiries into the issue and received and digested the appropriate amounts of data regarding the subject matter, and

WHEREAS, the Committee has not completed its work or review, nor has it been in a position to make its recommendations to the Village Board as to the proper regulation of such use; and

WHEREAS, the Village Board recognizes that any potential amendments to the Village’s Zoning Law or to the adoption of a comprehensive law will require a sufficient length of time for thoughtful consideration, due diligence, and appropriate review; and

WHEREAS, no other agency has the legal authority or jurisdiction to approve or directly undertake the enactment of Local Laws in the Village of Chittenango, such that there are no other involved agencies within the meaning of the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) with respect to the proposed enactment of said Local Law.

NOW, THEREFORE, in order to maintain the status quo until the consideration of adoption of any proposed legislation, the Village Board desires to consider extending the Moratorium for an additional six (6) month period or until such shorter period of time as the effective date of any legislation; and it is

RESOLVED AND DETERMINEDthat there are no other involved agencies, the Village Board shall act as lead agency, and that the enactment of this proposed local law, is a Type II action and therefore will have no significant effect on the environment, thus concluding the environmental review process under SEQR; and it is further

RESOLVED AND DETERMINEDthat the Village Board shall conduct a public hearing as to the enactment of proposed Local Law B-2017 at the Village of Chittenango Village Hall, 222 Genesee Street, Chittenango, New York 13037 on July 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at which time all persons interested in the subject shall be heard; and it is further

RESOLVED AND DETERMINEDthat the Village Clerk is hereby directed to cause a Notice of said Public Hearing to be published in an official newspaper of the Village and, pursuant to General Municipal Law Section 239-m, provide a copy of the Notice of Public Hearing and the proposed Local Law to the Madison County Planning Department.

The question of the foregoing Resolution was duly put to a vote and, upon roll call, the vote was as follows:

Elizabeth Bough-Martin




Wayne Horning




Melinda Kopp




Colleen Baldwin




Michael Keville





The foregoing Resolution was thereupon declared duly adopted.


Driver Safety Training Class

The Board discussed the driver safety training class being offered by AARP with Joe Gaiser training scheduled for July 24, 2017 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the American Legion for employees and their families.  The Board agreed they would pay for the training cost, but that the employees would need to take the training on their own time.    The Board discussed the information.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Kopp, seconded by Trustee Horning, the Board authorizes the payment of the training for Village employees for the AARP Driver Safety Training, if the employees take the training on their own time and not during working hours.  All members present voting in favor.


Dyke Road Drainage Project

A meeting was held with Mr. Pulver and Tonya Mousaw in regard to the Dyke Road drainage project.  It was suggested that perhaps $1,000 could be offered to the owner of the property for a drainage easement for the Dyke Road house.  The house in question is apparently in approximately the 2nd year of the foreclosure process and the owners live out of state.  Discussion on this issue will continue, for a hopeful resolution.


Counsel Bell arrived at the meeting.


Village Photo Contest

The Mayor advised that he has contacted Julie from Town Parks & Recreation in regard to a photo contest.  The Mayor advised that amateur photographers should start now snapping photos of Chittenango with a deadline of November 1.  Julie at Sullivan Community Council will have registration forms - it will not be a Village contest but sponsored through the SCC. 


Seneca Hill Drainage Project

The Mayor reported that the first phase of the drainage project on the Lanzafame property has been completed.  The Madison County Soil & Water Conservation office advised that the project cost was approximately $38,000, for which they have the majority of the funds to pay for the project.  A big thank you to Madison County Soil & Water, Mr. Lanzafame, the Village DPW for a great project!

The Mayor spoke about the closing for the property involved in the project and approving the closing for the property.  The Village is awaiting the completion of the survey by Forrest Seguin.  The Board discussed the information presented.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Horning, seconded by Trustee Bough Martin, the Board authorizes the closing of the property for a cost not to exceed $10,000 subject to Forrest Seguin Surveyor completing the survey for the closing, subject to other work being completed by the County, and obtaining the maintenance easement and permission for same, subject to Forrest Seguin including a swath of land to correct drainage as previously discussed in the survey information.  All members present voting in favor. 


Playground Equipment at Kirschenheiter Park

The Mayor spoke about upgrading the playground equipment that is currently at Kirschenheiter Park with an updated playground.  He spoke of eliminating the metal jungle gym and the metal slide.  He showed the new playground equipment he was envisioning for Kirschenheiter which would be a larger footprint than what is currently in place.  The estimated cost, which would include install and shipping, is  approximately $70,000.  The idea will be on hold until a determination is made with the 1% sales tax extender.  The Board discussed the idea of the upgrade.


Burning Hollow traffic issue

The Board spoke briefly about the traffic issue raised at the last meeting on Burning Hollow Drive.  A white line has been painted on the roadway on Burning Hollow to keep traffic in the lane and Police will also be stationed periodically in the area to educate drivers to the area of concern. 


Post Lane/Juneway Drive

Trustee Horning advised of a concern he has in regard to vehicles traveling in the Hearthstone Development who do not stop at the Post Lane/Juneway Drive intersection.  He stated that vehicles don’t even attempt to stop, they just drive through.   He is concerned for the safety of travelers and walkers in this area.  Trustee Horning and Trustee Kopp will observe the intersection and report.


Shared Services

The Mayor spoke about the shared services meetings that the County has been hosting over the last couple of months.  The group has been brainstorming for communities to come up with ideas for shared services due to the directive from the Governor.   Some of the ideas that have been suggested are; consolidation of health insurance plans through the County, consolidation of garbage/recycling services between the Villages of Chittenango and Canastota, the merging of Courts (Villages to Townships).   Counsel Bell will research the timeframe for such merge and let the Mayor know.  The group also spoke of webhosting; the Village perhaps joining the County site in September. 


Time Card Audit – January to April 2017

The Board reviewed the Time Card audit conducted by Trustees Baldwin and Horning.  The cards audited were found to be in order.


General Abstract # 1

Peter Bobbette added for $61.38

Vouchers 1-47 for a total of $113,974.41

Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Kopp, General Abstract #1 approved for payment as outlined.  All members present voting in favor.


Sewer Abstract #1 vouchers 1-8 $30,487.42

Upon the motion made by Trustee Horning, seconded by Trustee Bough Martin Sewer Abstract #1 approved for payment as outlined.  All members present voting in favor.


Budget Modifications

General Fund

A1010.1  Trustees     Personal                    increase 129.04

A1010.4  Trustees    Contractual               decrease 129.04

A1210.1  Mayor         Personal                    increase .56

A1210.2  Mayor        Equipment                decrease .56

A1340.1 Budget        Personal                    increase .12

A1340.4 Budget        Contractual               decrease .12

A1410.45 Clerk         Main Agreement      increase 837.72

A1410.2 Clerk           Equipment                decrease 837.72

A1420.45 Atty           Main Agreement      increase $1206.51

A1440.41 Engineer Consultant                  decrease 1206.51

A5110.48 DPW         Veh. Repairs             increase $5000.00

A5110.47 DPW          Fuel                            decrease $5,000.00

A3120.43 Police       Training                     increase $785.92

A3120.44 Police       Communication       increase $71.42

A3120.46 Police       Supplies                     increase $159.65

A3120.47 Police        Fuel                            decrease $1,800.00

A3120.48 Police       Vehicle Repair          increase $1069.90

A3120.49 Police       Bldg. Utilities           decrease $286.89

A5110.1   DPW          Personal                    increase $12648.24

A5110.43 DPW         Training                     decrease $3000.00

A5110.47 DPW          Fuel                            decrease $9648.24

A5110.42 DPW         Pub/Software           increase $240.50

A5110.49 DPW         Bldg Repair               decrease $240.50

A5182.41 St. Light    Purchase                    increase $7080.14

A8182.4 St. Light     Contractual               decrease $5000.00

A5142.4 Snow Rem Contractual                decrease $2080.14

A7140.46 Playground  Supplies                 increase $870.96

A7140.2 Playground Equipment               decrease $870.96

A8020.1 Planning    Personal                    increase $50

A8020.4 Planning   Contractual               decrease $50

A8160.45 Refuse      Landfill                      increase $4802.81

A8160.4 Refuse        Contractual               decrease $2500.00

A8020.45 Planning Master Plan               decrease $2302.81


G1990.4 Contingent                                    decrease $35,000

G1997.42 Capital Improve                          decrease $40,000

G233 Capital Reserve                                  increase $75,000.



A9089.8 Compensated Absence                increase $35000.

A1990.4 Contingent Acct                            decrease $19980.00

A913   Fund Balance reserve                      decrease $12205.00

G913 Fund Balance reserve                        decrease $2815.00

Budget modifications  were presented by Village Administrator Pulver.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Horning, budget modifications as outlined above approved.  All members present voting in favor.


Sewer Abstract #13

Vouchers 203-213 total $9305.91.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Bough Martin, Sewer Abstract #13 as outlined above approved for payment.  All members present voting in favor.



General Abstract #13

Vouchers 825-871 total $68909.60.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, General Abstract #13 as outlined above approved for payment.  All members present voting in favor.


Aspinall’s Tree Nursery –tree purchase $699.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, invoice for Aspinall’s Tree Nursery for $699 approved for payment from Neighborhood Trail Fund.  All members present voting in favor. 


Mayor’s Dinner meeting for July

Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, the Board authorizes payment of the cost for the July 2017 Mayor’s Association dinner meeting.  All members present voting in favor.


Executive Session

Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Kopp, the Board members went into Executive Session to discuss personnel and legal contracts.  All members present voting in favor.  The Mayor advised that the Board might take action after the Executive Session. 


Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Kopp, the Executive Session was concluded and the Board reconvened at 10:13 p.m.  No action took place during the Executive Session.  All members present voting in favor.


Extension of Health Insurance

The Board discussed the extension of health insurance to Mark Adams, who became a full time employee June 1, 2017.  This is less than the 90 days in the contract, but because Mr. Adams has worked continuously in a part time capacity for the Village since 2002, the Board approves a waiver of the 90-day requirement authorizing health coverage to begin July 1, 2017 for Mark Adams, upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Horning.  All members present voting in favor. 



Upon the motion made by Trustee Kopp, seconded by Trustee Horning, meeting adjourned at 10:14 p.m.  All members present voting in favor.


Respectfully submitted,




Jill A. Doss

Village Clerk-Treasurer

 ©2011 Village of Chittenango, New York