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Village of Chittenango 
'Tuesday's in the Park'  
 Complete & return to: Village of Chittenango Artisan/Farmers Market 
  222 Genesee St Chittenango, NY 13037      attn: 'Tuesday's in the Park' or email to 
(Please Print Clearly) 
         Name _____________________________________________________________________ 
Business Name__________________________________________________________________ 
City _________________________________________ State:   NY     Zip Code _____________ 
email address: __________________________________________________________ 
Contact Phone # ________________________________ cell _____________________________ 
product(s) description- ____________________________________________________________ 
Are 60% of these items hand-made/produced or grown by the applicant?  Yes______                                                                                                                              No _____ 
You must comply with NY State and Madison County health codes for any products sold for consumption. Applicable certificates, licenses etc. must be displayed by vendor. 
The Market Committee reserves the right to approve/select participating vendors upon receipt and review of your application.  
You must agree to the rules and regulations of our market.  Please read them and initial here ____________ that you have done so. 
I hereby certify that the information completed above is true and accurate. I further understand that any applicant who makes false statements or representation of certification in this application shall be subject to the revocation of their permit.  
Date:___________ Signature of authorized party:________________________  
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