Village of Chittenango, New York

Zoning Board of Appeals

July 19, 2017


Present:  Dan Welker, Gene Dayton, Paul Adams, Jason Tardio, Nadine Bell, Scott Masucci, Mr. & Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Doss

Absent:  John Ceresoli, Brian O’Connor


Chairman Welker called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.



The Board reviewed the minutes of June 19, 2017.  Upon the motion made by Paul Adams, seconded by Gene Dayton, minutes of June 19, 2017 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor.


New Business

Scott Masucci and Mr. & Mrs. Joyce appeared before the Board this evening to discuss their application for use variance to put a pet grooming salon in at 210 Genesee Street.  Pet grooming is not allowed in a General Business zone.  Chairman Welker asked the applicants to review their request with the Board.  Mrs. Joyce reported that she currently operates the business out of her home, by appointment, on Hills Street.  She works for a local veterinarian occasionally and also for a pet grooming facility so she has knowledge and ability to do this work.  She is also working on obtaining a certification as well.   She is looking to relocate her business in what was the Shears to You hair salon.  The Board discussed the information presented.  Upon the motion made by Paul Adams, seconded by Gene Dayton, a public hearing will be held on Monday, August 21, 2017 at 7 p.m. for use variance request.  The Attorney advised that the SEQR form that was included with the application is out of date.  A new blank form was provided to Mr. Masucci.  He was asked to complete and return as soon as possible to the Secretary.  This information will also need to be submitted to Madison County Planning for their review and recommendation.    All members present voting in favor.


New Business

Chairman Welker advised he was contacted by the Mayor in regard to the land use activity chart in the Village Code.  The Mayor has requested that the Board review these charts for the uses listed and make recommendations for any changes/deletions/additions/updates that would be appropriate and presented more clearly.    Chairman Welker assigned this review and recommendation process as a homework assignment.  The Board will review at the August meeting.


The Attorney and Board spoke briefly about the variance request presented this evening. 


With no further business, meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Jill A. Doss

ZBA Secretary

 ©2011 Village of Chittenango, New York