Village of Chittenango, New York

Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes

August 21, 2017


Present:  Dan Welker, John Ceresoli, Paul Adams, Jason Tardio, Counsel Bell, Code Officer Geer, Mrs. Kendall, Mr. Gloska, Scott Masucci, Mr. & Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Tardio, Master Tardio,  Sally Bloss, Edie Pinegar, residents, Mrs. Doss

Absent:  Gene Dayton, Brian O’Connor


Chairman Welker called the public hearing to order at 7 p.m. for the Masucci request for use variance for Dog Grooming Shop at 210 Genesee Street.  Mrs. Doss read the legal notice as it appeared in the paper.  Chairman Welker asked the applicant to explain the request for use variance.  Jessie Joyce stated that she would like to operate a dog grooming shop which would include washing, nail clipping and brushing of dogs.  Owners of dogs would drop off pets for appointments.  Appointments would be booked in two hour blocks of time, depending on dog size.  She currently works for a groomer and at a veterinary hospital and is also taking classes.  There would be no overnight harboring of animals.  The Board asked how many dogs would be in facility at one time. Three dogs would be the maximum with the schedule overlap.  She doesn’t anticipate that dogs would be dropped in the morning and picked up in the afternoon.  A waiting area for dog owners would be provided with either a chair or bench, and most of her customers are aware of the two hour time frame for the grooming.  She would not be doing dog walking-it is not a service that will be offered.  It was suggested by the building owner, Scott Masucci, that a doggie cleanup bag station be located at the entrance to the shop in the event a dog has to go before or after the grooming session.  The Board also said that setting up a patrol of the grass areas by the shop and behind the shop by the property owner and the grooming shop owner to insure no messes are left.  Cages will be used and not kennels.  Counsel Bell asked the hours of operation.  Mrs. Joyce stated she would be open one day a week to start 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and as business increased she would open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with one late evening per week(to 7 p.m.).  Mrs. Joyce would be the only employee at this time.  There is parking for her vehicle at the building.  Customers can use the municipal parking lot.  Mr. Masucci stated that he did renovate the space a year and a half ago.  The space had previously been used as a hair salon, so there was plumbing in place for the extra sinks and wash areas.  Mr. Masucci stated the space has been vacant 1 ½ years, he had the space listed with Hunt Real Estate and then he tried listing the space himself.  The space is 650▫’, so it limits the types of uses.    He had a few people look at the space, including two hair salons and a bakery, but the space was not what they were looking for.   It has been difficult to try and rent.  Counsel Bell asked if there were any compatible uses in the area.  There are no other pet type stores in the area, there used to be a dog kennel across the street, but that individual moved out of the Village as she wanted to board dogs.    Chairman Welker asked if anyone had any questions.  Linda Kendall said she is concerned about the issue of dog poop and the cleanup of same.  A sign by the front door of the shop was suggested advising dog owners that there are dog bags available and to clean up after their pets.  Edie Pinegar stated that the Village should encourage small business for the community.  She thinks the grooming shop is a great idea.  Small business is a real asset to any community.  With no further comments public hearing closed. 

Chairman Welker called the regular business meeting to order. 



The Board members reviewed the minutes of July 19, 2017.  Upon the motion made by Paul Adams, seconded by Jason Tardio, minutes of July 19, 2017 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor.



Dog Grooming Shop –Use Variance Request

Upon the motion made by Chairman Welker, seconded by John Ceresoli, the Board approves, as applied for, the dog groom shop at 210 Genesee Street.  Chairman Welker stated that Madison County Planning Board has reviewed the request, and returned for local determination as it will have no county-wide impacts.  That said however, the action does not meet the requirements for the issuance of a Use variance.  The Board discussed the issue of financial return.  The owner has tried to list for rent the space for 1 ½ years with no success.  The zone does allow for beauty salons and kennels, but not for dog grooming.  Will the use alter the neighborhood?  The use won’t alter the neighborhood.  John Ceresoli stated that the dog poop needs to be controlled; the owner and proprietor must monitor and be responsible for that issue and concern.  The Board spoke about the maximum amount of dogs allowed at once at the facility.  The Board and Mrs. Joyce stated that four (4) would be the maximum allowed.  There will be no boarding, no overnight boarding.  The hours of operation would be 9-4 Monday-Saturday and one evening per week until 7 p.m.  Doggie bags and waste container and signage were discussed.  The Board reinforced that the green areas near 210 would have to be policed for dog poop and cleaned up on a daily basis.  Signage for the business must meet the Code regulations.    The Board approves the use variance for Scott Masucci for 210 Genesee Street for a dog grooming shop in the former hair salon portion of the building with the following conditions.  The use will not alter the neighborhood.  The owner has tried repeatedly to rent/lease the space for the last 1 ½ years with no success, the current shop is set up with plumbing that will be a benefit for the proposed use, the dog poop issue needs to be controlled routinely on a daily basis, dog bags and signage about the dog poop cleanup will be provided at the shop along with verbal reinforcement to customers, there will be no boarding of dogs at any time, the hours of operation will be 9-4 Monday –Saturday, with one late night to 7 p.m., a maximum of four dogs allowed at facility at any given time during operation.  The owner/operator will insure that the dog poop issue/concern will diligently be monitored and policed.  Signage for the shop will meet the Village Code. 

Roll call of motion:

John Ceresoli – yes

Paul Adams – yes

Jason Tardio – yes

Dan Welker –yes

Motion carried.


Land Activity Use Chart

The Board briefly discussed the land activity use chart as requested by Mayor Keville.  It appears that some members had copies that were not fully updated.  Secretary instructed to send newest charts to them for review.  Some suggestions that were mentioned for inclusion were pawn shops, brewery/micro, dry-cleaning establishments.  The Board will discuss this information further.


Next meeting will be September 18.


With no further business, meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Jill A. Doss

Secretary to ZBA

 ©2011 Village of Chittenango, New York