Village of Chittenango, New York
ZB Minutes 12 18 18

Zoning Board of Appeals

December 18, 2017


Present: Dan Welker, Gene Dayton, Brian O’Connor, John Ceresoli, Paul Adams, Jason Tardio,

Counsel Bell, Jeff Geer, Darlene Browell, Mrs. Thayer


Chairman Welker called the meeting to order for Darlene’s Kitchen area variance request for additional signage to order at 7:00 p.m. 


The Chairman did roll call and reviewed the minutes from the last meeting and asked for motion to accept as written.  Mr. O’Connor game motion and Mr. Tardio second the motion, with no one opposed.   Chairman Welker asked Ms. Browell to pull up a chair and approach the board. 


Ms. Browell (Darlene) approached the table and proceeded to explain the loss of parking space in front of her restaurant along Genesee St. She also explained that her customers began parking in the Byrne Dairy parking spaces and that the owner of the Byrne Dairy would be upset and she would come into the restaurant and become disruptive because of her anger. She stated that unfortunately the loss of spaces came shortly after she had done new renovations to the building.  She added a sign indicating additional parking to the rear of the building. This is the signage she would like to be able to keep. Nadine asked the Chairman to check the Variance Application completed by Darlene to be sure it was in order (just in case the plan needed to go to the Madison County planning Board)  Dan asked if motion please be made for the next monthly meeting, Nadine set motion to hold the public hearing on Martin Luther King Day, January 15th, and recommended a SEQR.  Dan then motioned for public hearing to be held January 15th at 7:00PM for variance, John 2nd the motion, all in favor.  Dan dismissed Darlene from the board and asked her to bring supporters to the next meeting.  Dan read aloud all questions #8 on page 3 of the Variance application. The applicants answer to all was “is not”.  Motion was set by Nadine to declare as an unlisted action no negative effect on the environment.  Dan motioned and Brian 2nd the motion, all in favor. John asked what size the sign was, Jeff has since measured for the boards information the sign is 20” high and 72 “ long.


No new business brought to this meeting. 


Old business pertained to solicitation of the new chicken law and the Land Use Activity Chart, regarding local law and amending zoning.  Nadine stated that the board had a certain amount of time and would be bringing new activity to the board meeting on Tuesday night (December 19th)


No further business or questions Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:10 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Debra Thayer

Acting Secretary

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