Village of Chittenango, New York

Village Board Meeting

January 23, 2018


Present:  Acting Mayor Kopp, Trustee Horning, Trustee Bough Martin, Trustee Baldwin, Counsel Bell, Mr. Pulver, Mrs. Kendall, Mr. Gloska, Mr. Kopp, Messrs. Cunningham, Mr. Hall,  Mr. Wehner, Mrs. Doss


Acting Mayor Kopp called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was recited.


Mrs. Doss thanked Mrs. Thayer for filling in for her at the December 2017 meeting and preparing the minutes.



The Board members reviewed the minutes from December 19, 2017.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Horning, minutes of December 19, 2017 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor.



Police – there was no report this evening.

Codes – the Board reviewed the report.

Court – the Board reviewed the report.

WWTP – Mr. Cunningham reported that average flow per day was 560,000 for the month of January.  He reported that the existing boiler at the Plant has had extensive work and for now is working. He is still looking to have a replacement boiler be put out for bid and use the existing boiler as a backup.  He has drawn up a boiler plate of specifications.  He will send them to Counsel Bell and Mr. Pulver to review.  He is planning for purchase and installation by perhaps May or June 2018 dependent on how the bids come in.  Mr. Cunningham asked about the LBD roll-off container that still sits at the Plant unused.  He asked if the Village should send a letter to the Estate members and ask the status of the container and inquire when they would be removing it.  Mr. Pulver will send a letter to the DeMario Estate about the roll-off container at the WWTP. 

DPW – Mr. Pulver reported he has ordered a supply of 18 gallon recycling bins through the vendor the County uses as the Village is almost out of bins.  The bins are larger than the last ones ordered.  Mr. Pulver stated Counsel Bell is working on a letter to the Town of Manlius in regard to the sewer connection fees for Megnin Farms.  Mr. Pulver continued his report.  He hasn’t met with the students who are working on the ADA compliance project.  He said he, Trustee Baldwin and Debra Thayer met with representatives of the County in regard to upgrade/change to the website and IT support.  It was a very informative meeting and the County staff was very knowledgeable and would be easy to work with.  If we chose to go through this program, the Village would, in addition to a link on the County website, would have their own identifying banner, which can be customized.  There is a cost for the services of approximately $5,000 which would provide framework and the ability to complete and send out forms.  Mr. Pulver reported that email will be migrated to Northland Communication.  He spoke to the Board on their wishes for email addresses - .gov domain would be $400/year.   This will be discussed further.  He spoke about having a camera at Kirschenheiter Park; the Board agreed it was a good idea to pursue.  Some of the Capital Projects that have been introduced or discussed are:  1. Website update/upgrade 2.  CLCBM bridge project (NYS Parks Department will be picking up plans tomorrow per Trustee Bough Martin); some grading will be required. 3.  Plow truck for the DPW for next budget year.  4.  Dyke Road stream bank stabilization (next year).  The group discussed the projects at Dyke Road and the Park and the various funding that might be available from Trout Unlimited, Madison County Soil and Water, Fish & Wildlife Service. Further discussions will take place on the scope of each of these two projects. The Boardwalk at the Park is at risk from the flooding damage from last years’ storm, this needs further discussion.  5.  Taylor Farm drainage project– looking for funding –next years’ budget.  6.  Skateboard Park upgrades. 7.  Playground equipment installation at Kirschenheiter Park.  8.  CHIPS projects –this year was a great year – two (2) miles of roadway was repaired/replaced.  There will be approximately $80, to 100,000 available in funding through CHIPS next year.  The Board inquired what projects might be undertaken in the next budget year, several things were discussed.  Mr. Pulver stated he would talk with Nelson Smith about the plan for the new budget year; perhaps completion of Lake Street is a possibility.   Tom Tom Street was in bad shape according to Acting Mayor Kopp, perhaps that area needs addressing.  Mr. Pulver stated he would speak with Nelson Smith of the DPW. 


Acting Mayor Kopp spoke to the Board about the resignation of Mayor Keville on December 29, 2017 due to his election as Madison County Clerk in November.  Mrs. Kopp has been serving as the Acting Mayor since December 29.  She explained that she would like to complete her term as Trustee so she does not want to be appointed to serve as Mayor until the upcoming March election.    Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, she nominated Wayne Horning to serve as Mayor until the end of March 2018 (following the election on March 20), seconded by Trustee Bough Martin.  Trustee Bough Martin, Trustee Baldwin and Acting Mayor Kopp voting in favor of the motion.  Trustee Horning abstaining.  Motion carried.    The oath of office was administered for Mayor Wayne Horning at this time.  Trustee Kopp thanked everyone for their help during her time as Acting Mayor.  Mayor Horning thanked everyone.


Mayor Horning commented that due to the vacancy created with him moving to the position of Mayor, there was a need for a Trustee.  The Board discussed.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Kopp, the name of Russell Wehner was presented as a nomination to serve as Trustee until March 30, 2018 due to the vacancy created by Trustee Horning moving to the position of Mayor.  All members present voting in favor.  Russell Wehner was administered the oath of office and he signed the oath book. 


Fee for Application for Harboring Hens

Trustees Bough Martin and Baldwin spoke to the Board about the newly created local law for harboring hens in the Village.  As part of the legislation, a fee needs to be established by resolution by the Village Board.  A suggested fee of $30 was discussed.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded Trustee Kopp an application fee for harboring hen application is set at $30.  All members present voting in favor. 


Brad Hall – Forbes Ave – Inquiry about obtaining permit to have chickens (harboring hens)

Trustee Baldwin explained to Mr. Hall that the Village had adopted new regulations in regard to harboring hens.  She gave Mr. Hall copies of the newly adopted local law along with a copy of the application that is now required by the Village.    She explained the new process to Mr. Hall which will include his notifying neighbors, filling out the application and paying the $30 application fee and filing with the Village.  The Village Code Officer will review the application once it is submitted.  Mr. Hall thanked Trustee Baldwin for the information.


Training Compensation

The question has been asked by salaried employees who were required recently to take four hours of AED/CPR training after work hours as to compensation; whether it would be pay or time off.  The Board discussed.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Kopp, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, salaried employees who took the recent AED/CPR training after work will be given 4 hours time off in lieu of pay.  All members present voting in favor of the motion.


General Code Publishers

The Clerk explained that the Village has not had the Village Code book updated since 2015 with local laws.  Due to the large volume of legislation passed in 2016 and 2017 the Clerk was contacted by the Code Publishers.  They have given an estimate to update the Code Book to include legislation approved in 2016 and 2017 of between $2,330 and $2,390.  The Board discussed updating the Code.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Kopp, Mrs. Doss authorized to sign the estimate from General Code Publishers to update the Village Code for 2016 and 2017 local laws for a cost range of $2,330 and $2,390.  All members present voting in favor.



The Clerk advised that a resolution for the Village not having their own registration day for the Election in March is needed per Election Law 15-118(3).  The Board discussed.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Kopp, seconded by Trustee Bough Martin the Village will not hold a registration day for the March 20 election as it is handled through the Madison County Board of Elections.    All members present voting in favor. 

The Clerk advised that pursuant to Election Law § 15-116 (1) the Board of Trustees needs to appoint inspectors of Election.  The Clerk reported that she has spoken with the Board of Elections in regard to obtaining a list, or the County has offered that the Village can use the qualified inspectors that the County uses.  There will be a need to have two Republican and two Democrat inspectors.    Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Wehner the Village will use the election inspectors that Madison County uses for the March 20, 2018 election:

Deborah Borland, Marie Albee, Susan Kordziel, and Mary Sematoske.  All members present voting in favor.  The Clerk will notify the County Board of Elections.


HSA Health Insurance Plan Funding

The Clerk advised that two individuals have selected to use the HSA based health insurance plan.  The Village had agreed to deposit into those individuals accounts money for the startup of the HSA plan.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Wehner, the Village authorizes the deposit of funds for the two individuals (Jeff Geer and Daniel Smith) for HSA startup funding for their HSA health insurance plan for 2018.  All members present voting in favor.


Budget Review

Mr. Pulver reviewed with the Board a compilation he had done using the data from last eight years of filed AUD reports.  He reviewed the various charts and graphs and the trends he had noted about equipment and revenues and expenditures.  He spoke about the consolidation of services and the savings that are generated by that process and the fact that the DPW does a great deal of work themselves, saving tremendous amounts of money for the Village.    The Board thanked him for the data that was presented this evening. 


Budget Calendar

The Board spoke about the budget calendar for the 2018-19 budget years.  The Board discussed setting up a workshop to review the budgets after the data is compiled.  The Board set March 29, 2018 from 2-5 p.m. for the budget workshop.  The Clerk will send out the calendar and worksheets to the Department heads.


Training request – Geer

Code Officer Geer requested permission to attend the Annual NYSBOC training conference April 10-12 in Liverpool for 24 hours of training credit for a cost of $360.  There are funds available in the Code budget.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, training request for Code Officer Geer for April 10-12 for $360 approved.  All members present voting in favor.


RFP for Appraiser

Trustee Bough Martin reported that four (4) appraisers responded to the RFP for the vacant land owned by Chittenango DG, LLC property at 300 Tuscarora Road. 

Wicker Appraisal Associates $4,200 NYS OPRHP standards (before and after)

CNY Pomeroy Appraisal $3,200 ($1,600 retainer NYS OPRHP standard)

Harlan LaVine RE $2,500 (to be done late March/early April NYS OPRHP standard)

Stropp Appraisal $2,975 (5-6 weeks NYS OPRHP standard)

The appraisal is part of the required process for the proposed development of Phase III of the walking trail connecting the Canal to Tuscarora Road.  She recommended that the Village use Harlan LaVine RE as they are the lowest quoted amount ($2,500) for the work and the Village has used them in the past and are familiar with their work. 


Mayor’s Dinner Meeting – February

The Board members spoke about the Onondaga County Mayor’s Association meeting in February.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, any Village official who wishes to attend the February 2018 Mayor’s meeting the Board authorizes the prepayment of the cost of the dinner meeting.  All members present voting in favor.


Ostrander – Tuscarora Road update

Trustee Bough Martin reported that she and Trustee Kopp had met with Mrs. Ostrander in regard to the elevated levels of arsenic in her well water.  The property is not in the Village.  Trustee Bough Martin reported that she had called OCWA in regard to the suggestion of extending the water line to the property and if there was anything they could do in this situation.  OCWA is unable to do anything in regard to the arsenic.  The cost for a water line extension is approximately $30,000.  The Village is not accepting liability for this situation.  Trustee Bough Martin stated her contacting Mrs. Ostrander was done as a person, a neighbor who wants to help a neighbor and not as a Village Trustee.  She doesn’t see how the Village can help with the cost of extending the OCWA water line as the property is located in the Town.  Mrs. Bough Martin said she had also contacted John Becker at the Town, he didn’t believe there was anything the Town could do.    The Board does have empathy for this difficult situation, but the Village does not see that it has any liability.  Mr. Pulver commented that he has spoken with a company that has a whole house water treatment system. 


Zimmer –All Things Oz

Trustee Baldwin inquired if the Village had received anything from Mrs. Zimmer on quotes for siding for the museum.  Nothing has been received.  The Board commented they would like to see a copy of the financial statements from All Things Oz museum for the Village Board to review.  Trustee Baldwin stated she would like to see a compilation of all the expenses that are paid for by the Village taxpayers for Oz; including payrolls, insurance, materials, etc.   The Board spoke of contacting the Local Development Corporation for a loan, or perhaps having the Village pay for more things during Oz.  Research will be done on what costs the Village currently pays for annually.


Sorbello Community Board sign question

Trustee Baldwin asked about the question on whether or not private business advertising can be put on the Village sign board.  Based on the research the Village Counsel conducted including decisions from the Office of the Attorney General ( 1973 and 1992), the Village does not have the authority to grant John Sorbello’s request to advertise his private business (as well as other community businesses) on the Village’s Community sign.   


Douglas Brown – Sun Chevrolet lighting question

Trustee Baldwin asked the status of the response for Douglas Brown’s question addressed to all the Board members regarding the lighting concern at the Sun Chevrolet parking lots.  The review continues with Sun Chevrolet’s designer and Barton & Loguidice.  Trustee Baldwin asked that Mr. Brown be kept informed on the status of the review. 


111 Richmond Circle – Fire

The Board reviewed the letter sent from the Code Enforcement Office in regard to the structure at 111 Richmond Circle that was damaged heavily by fire on January 16, 2018.  The house has been placarded by the Codes Office and boarded up by the mortgage company and determined to be dangerous to the life, health, property or safety of the public.  The house has been structurally compromised by the fire. 



General Abstract #8 $112,276.98 vouchers 491-563.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, the Board approves the payment of the vouchers for the General Fund as outlined above.  All members present voting in favor.

Sewer Abstract #8 $38,554.61 vouchers 123-144.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Kopp, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, the Board approves the payment of the vouchers for the Sewer Fund as outlined above.  All members present voting in favor.

Payroll Fund – The Hartford DBL $47.10.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Wehner, seconded by Trustee Bough Martin, voucher for The Hartford $47.10 approved for payment.  All members present voting in favor.


Budget Modifications

A5112.43                     increase             $4147.06

A1990.4                       decrease            $4147.06


A7140.2                       increase             $70000.00

A5182.41                     decrease            $70000.00



G1910.4                      increase             $2,100.00

G1911.4                      increase             $8,000.00

G1990.4                      decrease            $10,100.00


A7110.43                     increase             $656.30

A7140.46                     decrease            $161.00

A7140.45                     decrease            $247.30

A1010.4                       decrease            $248.00

Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, the budget modifications as outlined above approved.  All members present voting in favor.


Executive Session

The Board went into Executive Session for discussion of personnel matters.  No action will take place during the Executive Session.


Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, Executive Session concluded at 9:26 p.m.  All members present voting in favor.


Next meeting

The next Board meeting will be February 27, 2018 at 7 p.m.


With no further business, meeting adjourned at 9:26 p.m. upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin.  All members present voting in favor.


Respectfully submitted,




Jill A. Doss

Village Clerk-Treasurer             


 ©2018 Village of Chittenango, New York