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Chittenango Artisan and Farmers Market Information


                        Dear Prospective Vendor:

The Village of Chittenango is inviting you to participate in our ‘Chittenango Artisan/Farmers Market’. The market will be held every Tuesday from 4-7:30pm beginning June 6th until September 26thOur market is located at Dr. West Park. (on E. Genesee St. and Russell St. next to the Chittenango Fire Station)

In addition to our many vendors our market venue incorporates a ‘Classic Car Show’ and Live Music each Tuesday.  By incorporating our ‘Music in the Park’ Summer Concert Series and a Classic Car Show our market continues to attract visitors and residents of all ages.

We would like to invite you to participate in this exciting venue. There isno fee for a space/participation.  Electricity is available on a first come basis to vendors who have completed an application requesting electricity and have received approval. Vendors can set up beginning 3:30pm and must stay open until 7:30pm. We also invite ‘not for profits’ to participle in this market.  This is a great opportunity to recruit new members or to fund raise.  Local businesses are also invited to sell and promote their businesses.

If you would like to participate in our market as a vendor please fill out the attached/enclosed market application and return it to the Village Office of Chittenango   222 E Genesee St  Chittenango,  NY  13037 or email it

Vendors who prepare/sell food must contact the Madison County Dept. of Health to make sure of compliance with all health codes, licensing and any certifications that might be required.  You must also comply with displaying such credentials as required by Madison County Dept of Health.

All vendors must fill out an application and meet the vendor requirements as described in the vendor application as well as compliance to the markets’ rules and regulations.

No vendor has exclusive rights to any product sales.

We hope you will be able to join us!  If you are aware of anyone else who may be interested, please let them know about our market. If you have any questions you can contact Market Committee members Mickey Kopp or Colleen Baldwin.

Thank you,


Melinda Kopp-Village Trustee  ph#727-4126 ( )

Colleen Baldwin-Village Trustee, Market Coordinator  ( )

Wayne Horning-Village Trustee       Deb Rose         Dick Sullivan         Matt Burgun



Village of Chittenango
Artisan and Farmers Market Application
Complete & return to: Village of Chittenango Artisan/Farmers Market
 222 Genesee St Chittenango, NY 13037 attn:
Artisan/Farmers Market or email to
(Please Print Clearly)
 Name _____________________________________________________________________
Business Name__________________________________________________________________
City _________________________________________ State: NY         Zip Code _____________
email address: __________________________________________________________
Contact Phone # ________________________________ cell _____________________________
product(s) description- ____________________________________________________________
Are 60% of these items hand-made/produced or grown by the applicant? Yes____ No ____
You must comply with NY State and Madison County health codes for any products sold for
consumption. Applicable certificates, licenses etc. must be displayed by vendor.
The Market Committee reserves the right to approve/select participating vendors upon receipt and
review of your application.
You must agree to the rules and regulations of our market. Please read
them and initial here ____________ that you have done so.
I hereby certify that the information completed above is true and
accurate. I further understand that any applicant who makes false
statements or representation of certification in this application
shall be subject to the revocation of their permit.
Date:___________ Signature of authorized party:________________________


Questions: email rev 1-17





Farmers Market

Rules and Regulations


The goal of The Village of Chittenango’s Artisan and Farmers Market is to give our community farmers, artisans and ‘not for profit’ organizations a venue where they can sell/promote their products to local consumers and visitors to the area. The market hopes to support and promote a vibrant local downtown community.


The market will operate on Tuesday(s) beginning June 6th. 

The hours will be 4:00pm until 7:30*pm



1)  All vendors must complete a Vendor Application Form and agree to abide by the rules and regulations listed in this document.

2)  Vendors can set up starting at 3:30pm. Vendor locations will be given away on a first come, first served basis. Vendors may not leave the market prior to 7:30pm. Vendors must vacate Dr. West Park by 8:00pm, or ½ hour after the end of the concert.

3)  Each vendor is asked to unload and park their vehicle as directed by authorized market members.

4)   The market will operate rain or shine. Vendors must supply their own tent/tables. We suggest each vendor view for weather updates or text chittmarket to 84483 for weather and market updates!

5)  Vendors must contact a market committee member if they are unable to attend a market date. Non-attendance may result in a vendor being denied the privilege of participating in the market.    Colleen Baldwin cell 663-7161  

      MickeyKopp cell 727-4126

6)   Products for sale at the market may include: vegetables. fruits. herbs. dairy products. baked  goods, prepared foods, jams, pickles. honey, maple syrup, meats. fish, eggs, flowers, bedding plants, perennials, as well as crafts by local artisans that have been pre-approved by the market manager. Prices of goods for sale must be clearly posted.

7)  For products not grown or produced by the vendor, a sign or labeling must indicate the items originVendors selling handmade arts and crafts must produce the majority (60%) of their product.

8)  Crafters must submit in advance a description of handcrafted items that will be offered for sale..

9) No vendor has exclusive rights to any product sales.

10) Non-Profit. church, civic and school organizations whose missions promoted community welfare, health, safety and environmental awareness are welcome at the market.Organizations are asked to submit in advance a description of what activity they intend to have at their booth.

11) The Market Committee has sole authority to determine whether a prospective vendor or non-profit organization may participate; that decision may be based on space considerations as well as duplication of products.

12) Each vendor's booth must be identified by a sign that is visible to consumers,       stating the name and address of the vendor.

13) Vendors are expected to keep their booths and any adjacent areas clean, clear and free of obstacles. When leaving the area, vendors must make sure their areas are clean and free of trash, spills, etc.

14) Food vendors must be in compliance with all local health codes and permits.  Vendors must comply with all relevant state, local and federal regulations covering the types of products they offer for sale, including regulations of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, The New York State Board of Health, and the Madison County Department of Health. Pertinent licenses, permits, seals, and/or certificates must be applied for, approved and displayed by the vendor.

15) Failure to abide by the Market rules will result in a vendor being denied the privilege of    participating in the market.

*September hours are subject to change due to diminishing daylight conditions.

Market Coordinators- Colleen Baldwin and Mickey Kopp

Market Committee Members

Matt Burgun             Deb Rose               Danica Griffith

Dick Sullivan              Wayne Horning


send questions comments to-     or

For the convenience of vendors and shoppers you can text chittmarket to 84483 for weather and market updates!

 ©2011 Village of Chittenango, New York