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DPW Announcement

Hello Chittenango Residents: With winter upon us (and boy it is snowing!), this is a friendly reminder that the DPW cannot effectively plow the roads and sidewalks if you have a basketball hoop overhanging the roadway. Please move all basketball hoops out of the Village right-of-way. Additionally, please be sure to keep snow out of the roadway after maintaining your driveways and keep the sidewalks clear of snow and vehicles. Thank you and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

It's Fall and The Leaves are Falling


to assist in their removal......

  • Rake leaves to curb
  • do not block driveways
  • rake into long windrows along your property
  • Do not 'pile' leaves
  • Do not put leaves in street

The DPW will be circulating to vacuum the leaves that are in windrows by the street continually through the Fall season.


30 Oct 2017    Trash Collection

                                        Trash Collection

You can download a form for scheduling a pickup on your regular trash collection day for special items.   

Click here

 You pay the required collection fee at the Clerk’s Office (check or cash) and then those items will be collected on your next regular pickup day after payment.   To request the Villages’ brush truck or other public works issues or concerns email or call 315 263-7048.   


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