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Planning Board Meeting

April 10, 2017


Present:  Bob Salmon, Andy Jones, Joyce Newkirk, Bob Lake, Scott Pellman, Karl Anderson, Trudy French, Gerry Charde, Scott Masucci, Sean DePoala, Nate Secord, Jill Doss


Chairman Salmon called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


Trudy French – The Hair Affair signage

Mrs. French appeared before the Board to review signage that she is proposing for her new salon (The Hair Affair) location at 246 Genesee Street.  She is proposing white vinyl letter to be applied to the window (66” x 63”).  The lettering would be 44” x 35”.  The Board calculated the space the lettering would take up on the window and it falls well below the 20% allowed in the Code.  The Board is reviewing this request as part of the Comprehensive Plan review.  Upon the motion made by Joyce Newkirk, seconded by Andy Jones the Board approves the window signage proposed for The Hair Affair, with white vinyl lettering on the window of the salon located at 246 Genesee Street.  All members present voting in favor.


Nate Secord – The Green Team for the Hamlet Diner

Nate Secord appeared before the Board to review the changes/additions of lighting to the interior and exterior of the Hamlet.  Their company has been asked to swap out the existing lighting with new more energy efficient exterior lighting.  Mr. Secord explained the addition of a new lighting fixture at the back of the building and the lighting fixture on the side between the Hamlet and NAPA Auto Store.  He explained that the lighting will all be completely shining downward.  The lighting will comply with the dark sky ordinance.  The lighting is low wattage.  He reviewed the replacement of the lighting (the existing tube lighting on the ice cream shop portion of the building.  Once again, the replacement tube style lighting will all shine straight down.  The Board members explained that there can’t be light spillage of off the property and nothing should shine into the roadway to distract drivers.  Mr. Secord explained that the tube lighting has the ability to change color, i.e. in the event of a special day or event (green for St. Patrick’s Day for instance).  The lighting color change is controlled with electronics.  The Board expressed the concern about lights changing colors as the Code does not allow for blinking or flashing lighting.  Nate commented that he could contact the manufacturer about the bulbs not having the ability to blink or flash, and just have the color stay constant for a day.  The Board did ask that the Village Counsel be asked about this to be certain there is no problem with lights being able to change color, but not blink or flash.  Upon the motion made by Andy Jones, seconded by Scott Pellman, the Board approves the exterior lighting as proposed providing that there is no light spillage onto adjoining properties or the roadway, that all the proposed exterior lighting is shining downward, that the proposed tube lighting around the ice cream shop portion of the building can change color (based on what Village Counsel advises) but cannot blink or flash.   All members present voting in favor.


Dirty Bikes

Sean DePoala owner of Dirty Bikes appeared before the Board to request permission to use a 1936 Evans bicycle (similar to the bike that Margaret Hamilton road in the Wizard of Oz) as signage for his bicycle repair shop.  He would remove the tires from the bike and it would be secured to an existing 7 foot steel pole that is above his business.  The bike weighs 18 lbs.  The wheel is about 52”.  Sean thought the idea of the bike as his sign tied in nicely with the Oz theme for the Village. The Board reviewed the Code and also the Comprehensive Plan for the proposed “sign”.  There is language that addresses unique signs, which the Board agreed this would fall under.    The Board also stated that the bicycle would have to be secure and not swing or sway with the wind and there should be some type of verification from the installer that the bicycle was secure. The Board asked that some type of proof be given of the security.  The Board agreed that the bicycle was unique and a really nice idea and would fit in under the Comprehensive Plan.  Mr. DePoala said he would make certain that the bike was secure.  He asked if the Board would allow the basket (that is shown in the photograph from the Wizard of Oz) to be placed on the back of bicycle.  The Board thought that would be a great addition.  Upon the motion made by Joyce Newkirk, seconded by Andy Jones, the Board approves the 1936 Evans bicycle with rear wicker basket for Dirty Bikes sign.  Mr. DePoala was advised that he would need to get in touch with Codes Enforcement office for the permit.  All members present voting in favor.


Scott Masucci – signage for Clayground and Cherokee Lady 227 Genesee Street

Scott Masucci appeared before the Board this evening to discuss the placement of two new signs for two new businesses opening next door to Quest Diagnostics.  Scott would like to build two black boxes (like Quest Diagnostics) for these two new signs, one for Cherokee Lady and one for The Clayground.  He said the boxes would be painted black and be the same size as Quest Sign.  The background of the sign panel would be white with black lettering.  The Cherokee Lady sign would be simple block letters.  The Clayground sign would have some design of ceramic pots in various colors and a black paint brush.  The signs would be centered over the business and be placed at the same height as the Quest sign.  The box size would be 109 1/2” x 26” and painted black.  There will be the same type of interior lighting for the new signs as is in place for the Quest sign.  The Board talked about uniformity of the signs per the Comprehensive Plan.  The box size would be the same size and color and the background panels on the two new signs would white, whereas the Quest sign has a green background.  Scott said that Quest had mentioned to him that their logo would be changing and the background would be white with green lettering.  But, right now there is no change planned for their sign.  The Board discussed the information presented by Mr. Masucci.  The Board approved the two new signs and boxes planned for the Clayground and Cherokee Lady, with interior lighting, black boxes, and panels with white background the black lettering with some color graphics. 


Gerry Charde - 315 W Genesee Street

Mr. Charde appeared before the Board this evening to discuss an idea of perhaps subdividing his property and adding it to land he owns on Sleepy Hollow Road, which is located in the Town of Sullivan.  He heard that OCWA is proposing the installation of a water line on Sleepy Hollow Road and his thought is to move some of the land he owns at 315 W Genesee Street to the Sleepy Hollow Road property to make a building lot.  The Board advised that he would need to speak with the Town of Sullivan and eventually the Village as this would require both an annexation and a de-annexation, so it would require a public hearing with both Village and Town. 



The Board members reviewed the minutes of March 9, 2017.  Upon the motion made by Scott Pellman, seconded by Joyce Newkirk, minutes of March 9, 2017 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor.


Meeting date change

Mrs. Doss advised that at the Annual Organizational meeting, the Board had changed the meeting night for the Planning Board to the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m.  The Board discussed the change.  Everyone on the Board was alright with the date change.  This change will begin in June.


Welcome Karl Anderson – new Board alternate member. 


Next meeting date

The next meeting date will be May 8 at 7 p.m.



The Board members reviewed the short form environmental statement prepared by Jere Crouse/Carrie Montroy for the storage unit property located at Legion Drive.  The Board found the information to be in order and moved to be the lead agency for purposes of the final storage building on the Legion Drive property owned by Jere Crouse with negative declaration.  There appears to be no adverse environmental impact for the proposed project. 


With no further business, meeting adjourned at 9 p.m. upon the motion made by Andy Jones, seconded by Joyce Newkirk. All members present voting in favor.


Respectfully submitted,



Jill A. Doss

PB Secretary

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