Village of Chittenango, New York
Village Board Minutes 2 28 17

February 28, 2017


Congratulations Chittenango Boys Basketball Team – Going to Sectionals!

Present:  Mayor Keville, Trustee Horning, Trustee Kopp, Trustee Baldwin, Counsel Bell, Mr. Pulver, Chief Corey, Mrs. Kendall, Mr. Gloska, Mr. Salmon, resident, Mrs. Doss

Absent:  Trustee Bough Martin

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

The Mayor called the Board meeting to order at 7 p.m.




The Board members reviewed the minutes of January 24, 2017.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Horning, seconded by Trustee Kopp, minutes of January 24, 2017 approved as written.  All members present voting in favor.


Court – The Board reviewed the monthly Court report.

Police – The Board reviewed the monthly Police report.  The Mayor advised that the no-parking signs (temporary) had been placed in front of Darlene’s Diner and Medwell office as well as the dental office across the street.  The Village is still awaiting the permanent signage from the State DOT.  The Chief advised that the site distance has improved and drivers have been cooperating with the no-parking signage. 

WWTP –report will be later in the meeting.

Clerk-Treasurer – Trustees Horning and Baldwin reviewed their quarterly audit result of the Clerk-Treasurer records.  All records reviewed were in order.  They also reviewed their findings with the time card audit.  They recommend that first and last names be written on the time cards.  Department heads will be advised that the full names must be shown on the time cards.


DPW/Administrator – Mr. Pulver reported that the newly revised Drug Policy that the Board approved in January is being questioned by AFSCME (Union for DPW).  This is currently being reviewed by the Village Counsel and AFSCME.  Mr. Pulver stated they don’t believe there are any substantive changes.  He also reported that there is a problem with the Village street sweeper that could cost quite a bit to repair.   There is apparently a great deal of water in the oil (noted when taken out of storage to get ready for spring cleanup).  This could be a very major expense.  Mr. Pulver stated he’d keep the Board posted.  The DPW has attempted to locate a loaner sweeper to use, but have not been successful.    Mr. Pulver reported that John Golas’ is retiring from the Department April 26.    Yard restorations have begun for this year due to the mild weather we have been experiencing.    Mr. Pulver stated that in anticipation of the upcoming new budget, the crew has been discussing two major projects, one is paving of Webber Drive (the section near Route 5) and also sidewalks on Race Street. Two options have been discussed for the sidewalk question, sidewalks the entire length (approx. 1600’) or approximately 800’ which would connect through property (adjacent to Busa property) that the Village owns and could connect to the proposed trail.  The Trustees discussed the two options being considered.  The consensus of the Board members present was that sidewalks should be constructed the entire length of Race Street to include a walk to the creekwalk.  Phase II of the trail was discussed.  The Mayor and Administrator have met with and also spoken with representatives from the Governor’s Office and the Village’s request has been placed near the top of the pile of paperwork under review by the Canal Corp for project requests.  The wheels are turning.  Senator Valesky has also been in conversation with the Village about use of SAM funds, which apparently are funds available to the legislators for municipal projects.  There is a possibility that SAM funds might be available for the footbridge portion of the trail project.  The Village would spend the funds and the SAM funds would reimburse the Village.  There was a CFA grant available but the Village was not eligible for that.  Funds were put in the current budget for some trail work.   Mr. Pulver continued his report.  He spoke of the proposed phone upgrade.  He spoke of the different aspects of the new system which would be through Northland Communications.  This plan would replace service currently handled through Cornerstone.  Between Verizon and Northland there would be a savings of approximately $162.88 per month.  Northland has said they would be glad to assist with the Village obtaining .gov domain.  Mr. Pulver reported that the Village needs to approve, sign and release the non-disclosure agreement in order for the quote for street lighting can be released by National Grid.  At the last meeting, the non-disclosure agreement was given to Counsel to review.  She did review and sent her comments and revisions to the Administrator and Mayor.  The Board will discuss this later in the meeting.

Mr. Pulver is working on updating the Village Handbook.  He has been in discussion with Counsel Tremont from Costello Cooney & Fearon.  Counsel Tremont suggested that the Village use SHRM a subscription service that has “cookie cutter” templates.  The process will take some time to complete.  Counsel Bell spoke of the proposed amended sewer law.  In speaking with Jim Cunningham recently, he advised that the County has great regulations currently in place, more up to date and in compliance with DEC and EPA regulations and would also capture ERP enforcement.  Counsel Bell has obtained the regulations and is currently reviewing them so that they could apply to the Village needs.    Speed monitoring signs are up in different areas of the Village.  More poles are going to be outfitted with the necessary electrical hookup through National Grid to enable the signs to be moved to various locations.  Currently, there are signs up on Tuscarora Road and Lake Street.  Someone noted that the Lake Street sign is currently not working.  This will be looked into.  Other areas were discussed for placement of these signs (which can be moved from location to location); Seneca Street, the middle area of Tuscarora Road and Madison Street.  Mr. Pulver asked if perhaps the Village should consider the purchase of more of these signs.  The current signs cost were offset by CHIPS moneys.    This will be investigated further.  Mr. Pulver spoke of the recently adopted (December 2016) Zombie Property legislation.  He recently attended a NYCOM conference and this topic was discussed at that conference.  He outlined the regulations presented at the conference.  He said the Village should be thinking of how they want to address these types of properties that are located in the Village.

5-ton weight limit

The Mayor reported he had received a complaint in regard to large vehicles, primarily traveling west bound on Tuscarora Road.  Chief Corey commented that the GPS type directional systems are sending vehicles that way.  He said that the Police Department has contacted these various companies to upgrade their software and direct the large vehicles to stay on Route 5; those upgrades usually take up to a year to be activated in the systems.  He also commented that the Police Department does write a lot of tickets for this. In 2014, the Village did adopt regulations for the 5-ton weight limit restriction.  The Mayor said he has also spoken with Town Highway Supt. Andy Busa about signage through the County to aid in this enforcement and notification.

Steep Slope proposed Legislation

Counsel Bell reviewed the proposed legislation for steep slope that is being introduced per the Boards’ request to amend some of the language.  Counsel Bell explained the changes that are proposed, including the definitions of different levels of “steep”. 

Trustee Baldwin introduced proposed Local Law No. A-2017, which Local Law will amend the Code of the Village of Chittenango at Chapter 148 (Zoning) to regulate steep slopes, and made the following motion, which was seconded by Trustee Kopp:

WHEREAS, proposed Local Law A-2017 has been introduced and will be considered for enactment pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Home Rule Law and Village Law; and

WHEREAS, Volume 6 N.Y.C.R.R., Section 617 of the Regulations relating to Article 8 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law, requires that as early as possible in the consideration of a proposed action, an involved agency shall make a determination whether the action is subject to the aforementioned law; and

WHEREAS, no other agency has the legal authority or jurisdiction to approve or directly undertake the enactment of Local Laws in the Village of Chittenango, such that there are no other involved agencies within the meaning of the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) with respect to the proposed enactment of said Local Law, with the result that the Village Trustees shall act as Lead Agency in this matter; and

WHEREAS, the adoption of said Local Law is a Type I action for purposes of environmental review under SEQRA and shall require the completion of a Full Environmental Assessment Form (EAF).

NOW, THEREFORE,it is RESOLVED AND DETERMINED that the enactment of proposed Local Law No. A‑2017 is a Type I action, there are no other involved agencies and this Board shall act as lead agency in this matter for purposes of SEQRA review; and it is further

RESOLVED AND DETERMINED, that the Village Board of Trustees shall conduct a public hearing as to the enactment of proposed Local Law A-2017 at the Village of Chittenango Village Hall, 222 Genesee Street, Chittenango, New York on March 28, 2017, at 7:01 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at which time all persons interested on the subject shall be heard.


The question of the foregoing Resolution was duly put to a vote and, the vote was as follows:

Trustee Horning              yes

Trustee Kopp                   yes

Trustee Baldwin             yes

Mayor Keville                  yes

Trustee Bough Martin    absent

The foregoing Resolution was thereupon declared duly adopted.


Insurance quote

Mayor Keville spoke to the Board in regard to obtaining quotes for municipal insurance.  Currently, the Village works with OneGroup (Bailey Haskell & LaLonde). Someone from NBT-Mang Insurance has contacted him.  The Board was in agreement that the Village should get a quote from NBT-Mang to do comparison of cost.

Skateboard Park Contest

Mayor Keville shared his idea to increase the usage of the Village’s skateboard park.  He has contacted the father of Griffin Smith (who worked during the summer at the park) and who is a friend of the David Mirra family.  They are willing to work on putting some type of event together and reach out to the Mirra family.  The thought was a contest(perhaps in memory of Dave Mirra) with an entrance fee for participants.  Cash prizes awarded based on entrance fees collected.   The Board also discussed the Skateboard Park and the lack of use; which many believe is because it is fenced and the restrictive hours and some of the rules.   It was also mentioned that the information on the web site should updated in regard to the skateboard park.   A discussion was held about the insurance and if the fence were to be removed; insurance would cover the Park without the fence as long as it was well signed in regard to usage, rules, hours of operation.  The Board thought the contest sounded like an interesting idea.

Photography Contest

Mayor Keville spoke about setting up a photography contest; community photos by individuals as to “what does Chittenango mean to you?” type theme.  He suggested an entrance fee and perhaps 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize minimal prizes be awarded (based on entry fees collected).  The photos would then become the possession of the Village and used on the Village web site.   The Board thought the idea was interesting.

Ratnour –Request for refund of duplicate sewer payment

Trustee Baldwin reviewed the request of Erin Ratnour for refund of a duplicate sewer payment in the amount of $55 for property she recently sold at 609 Warren Street (account #54443).  Due to a miscommunication with the closing attorney at the sale, the sewer bill for the property was paid twice.  The records were reviewed by the Board.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Kopp, a refund of $55 is approved for the duplicate payment for sewer account #54443 -609 Warren Street to Erin Ratnour.  All members present voting in favor.

Annual Organizational Meeting

The Mayor discussed with the Board the date for the Annual Organizational meeting; it will be April 3, 2017 at 7 p.m.  The Budget hearings for General and Sewer Fund will immediately follow the Organizational meeting on April 3, 2017.

PERMA Conference Request

The Mayor reported that Jill Doss has requested permission to attend the PERMA Conference 5/25, 26/17 at Bolton’s Landing, NY.  There is no cost for housing, but mileage and Thruway tolls reimbursement will be requested.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Horning, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, Mrs. Doss is approved to attend the PERMA Conference 5/25, 26/17 as outlined above.  All members present voting in favor.

Onondaga County Mayor’s Association

The Board discussed the Onondaga County Mayor’s Dinner meeting scheduled for March 15, 2017.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Horning, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, the Board authorizes the attendance and pre-payment of any Board member attending the County Mayor’s Meeting on March 15, 2017.  All members present voting in favor.

CCA Administration

The Mayor advised that he will talk with the Mayor’s at the monthly meeting about the CCA Administration resolution and get their thoughts and experience in dealing with this issue.

Seneca Hill Water project

The Mayor reported that he has met Steve Lorraine from Madison County Soil and Water Conservation in regard to the water run-off issue on the hill behind Village Hall and the Seneca Street area.  Madison County Soil and Water have come up with plans to help correct and manage the run-off concerns.  There is a plan for creation of a rock wall with drainage as part one which is estimated to cost $20,000.  The County has $18,000 available to assist with this project.  Once the project is approved and completed Mr. Lanzafame (property owner) indicated that the property involved would be deeded to the Village.  The second phase of the project would be to create a 700 ft. berm at the edge of the property with drainage that would aid in the slow release of water in the event of a major rain event.  The Mayor reported that Madison County Water & Soil have been great to work with in this project.

Dyke Road drainage project

The Mayor reported that plans are moving along with the proposed correction to the drainage concern on Dyke Road and Valley Acres.  Information has been given to Counsel Bell in regard to the property located in the Town; to determine the ownership status of the property and whether it is in a foreclosure status or something else at this time.  The Town has agreed to provide manpower and equipment for the installation of a box that the Village will fabricate as part of the plan to mitigate the water issue in the area.



Harboring Animals Moratorium review Committee

The Mayor spoke in regard to the recently adopted 6-month moratorium for review of the Harboring Animals legislation.  The following individuals have been asked to serve on the Committee; Trustee Bough Martin, Trustee Baldwin, Bob Salmon, Dan Welker, and Jeff Geer.  The Mayor advised that there will be two seats at large for the committee as well.  One month of the moratorium has expired; Counsel Bell advised that if the Committee believes they will need more time, there is the ability to extend the moratorium one additional 6-month period, provided that the Committee demonstrates the work and review completed and the need for the extra time.  The Committee has to show what has been done.

Security Cameras – Maloff Towers

The Mayor reported that there has been discussion with the managers at Maloff Towers in regard to the possibility of installation of security cameras to monitor remotely the public areas only of the facility.  They are very agreeable to having us put up cameras.  The Village will be receiving a request from Maloff Towers for installation of security cameras in the public areas of the facility.  There will be more

information at the next meeting.

Salvation Army – Dumping Issue

The Mayor reported that there have been trespass arrests made at the Salvation Army in an effort to curb the “dumping issue” that has been going on at the facility after hours.  The illegal dumping has gone down quite a bit since this enforcement has been initiated.

WTP Report

Mr. Cunningham reported that 25.5 m gallons were processed; three roll-off containers were picked up by LBD composters.  All EPA and DEC requirements were achieved for January 2017.

Budget Modifications

The Board reviewed the recommended budget modifications.

A1110.42 Software/Publications                 increase 89.50

A1110.45 Main Agree/Contracts                 decrease 89.50

A6520.44 Tree Lighting                                increase 13.60

A6520.43 9/11 Program                             decrease 13.60

G1420.1 Personal Serv                                 decrease 5,000.

G1420.45 Contractual                                 increase $5,000

G8120.2 Equipment                                     increase 15,000.

G8120.4 Contractual                                   decrease 15,000


Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Horning, budget modifications as outlined above approved as presented.  All members present voting in favor.



General Abstract #9 $88,436.08   574-644

Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Kopp, General Abstract #9 approved for payment as outlined above.  All members present voting in favor.

Sewer Abstract #9 $39.386.59 #134-152

Upon the motion made by Trustee Horning, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, Sewer Abstract #9 approved for payment as outlined above.  All members present voting in favor.

Trust & Agency Fund – Olive Branch $49. Upon the motion made by Trustee Kopp, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, $49 authorized to be paid from Trust & Agency Fund as outlined above.  All members present voting in favor.

Neighborhood Trail Fund – Parkitects, Inc. LLC down payment for two benches $1010.50.  Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Kopp, $1010.50 authorized to be paid from the Neighborhood Trail Fund as outlined above.  All members present voting in favor.

Next meeting will be March 28, 2017 at 7 p.m.

A Trustee budget workshop will be held on March 30, 2017 from 2-5 p.m.

Executive Session

Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Horning, the Board went into Executive Session at 8:40 p.m. to discuss pending legal matters and personnel matters. The Mayor advised that the Board might take some action after the Executive Session.

Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Kopp the Executive Session adjourned at 9:25 p.m.  The Mayor advised that no action took place during the Executive Session.  All members present voting in favor.

With no further business, meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m. upon the motion made by Trustee Horning, seconded by Trustee Baldwin.  All members present voting in favor.

Respectfully submitted,


Jill A. Doss

Village Clerk-Treasurer

 ©2011 Village of Chittenango, New York