Village Parks & Trails

Village Creekwalk and Trail System

Starting from the Lower Dyke Road parking lot; The stone-dust trail heads north alongside Chittenango Creek utilizing a boardwalk at one point. You then come to a circle with 3 spokes leading off it. take any of the trails which bring you through the Upper Dyke parking lot and out to Dyke Rd at 0.5 miles. Head right on Dyke Rd (wide shoulder) then right on Brinkerhoff Hill Rd to a crosswalk over Madison St. Take another crosswalk over Genesee St and travel right (north) along the west side of the street (no crosswalk ahead). Cross the river and turn left into a parking lot on your left (directly across the street from the Sullivan Free Library). At the back of the parking lot you'll pick up the stone-dust trail again at 0.8 miles. Map board and picnic area here. Travel north alongside the creek, passing by a promenade overlooking the creek before the trail turns right along a paved trail passing through the Grand at Chittenango (Senior Citizen Center) and out to Russell Street at 1.1 miles.

For more information for traveling on and along the Old Erie Canal, visit the 'Boat Float' & 'Tour the Towpath' website.

To access the Chittenango Landings section of the Erie Canal waterway take Genesee St (east) to Legion Drive.

The Canoe Launch is located at the end of the street.

Community Recognition Park

This park is located at the end of Legion Drive just beyond the American Legion Building.

Dr. West Memorial Park

On Genesee Street in front of the Presbyterian Church and next to Fire Station and is host to our weekly farmers market as well as many other community events.

Kirschenheiter Park

New Playground equipment and a parking lot!

(thank you DPW )

Kirschenheiter Park is a neighborhood park located between South Webber Drive and Hawthorne Way.

Let's us all work to keep this neighborhood park a safe place for all of our residents.

Rotary Park

Rotary Park is located on Lakeport Rd down by the Canal Museum.

Skateboard Park Now open!

LOCATION: Stooks Park, Lakeport Road

All participants must wear the proper safety equipment and follow skateboard park rules. Skate Board Park is patrolled on a regular basis by the Chittenango Police Department

Skate at Your Own Risk. Park will be open from Dawn to Dusk. Open to bicycles, skateboards and scooters

Stickles Park

Located on Genesee Street across from the Chittenango Free Library

Stooks Park

Located on Lakeport Road and Water Street.

Located on Lakeport Road and Water Street

Passive walking park with a picnic area and small swing set for the kids.

Fishing Pier located on Chittenango Creek

Sullivan Park

Located off of Lake Street.

Links from Forbes Ave. and South Webber Drive neighborhoods connect to Sullivan Park.

Lions Botanical Park