Sewer Department

The Village of Chittenango owns and operates a 1.3 million gallons per day wastewater treatment plant that serves the Village of Chittenango as well as three outside sewer districts: Poolsbrooke Sewer District in the Town of Sullivan, Madison County; Megnin Farms Sewer District in the Town of Manlius, Onondaga County; and Oneida Indian Nation Improvement District. 

The Village Department of Public Works is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of the sewer lines and lift stations in the Village and the outside sewer districts. The Village contracts with New Water Technology to operate the wastewater treatment plant. Please contact the DPW Supervisor with problems or suspected sewer breaks at (315) 870-0971.

A $1.4 million clarifier refurbishment is currently ongoing at the Village of Chittenango Wastewater Treatment Plant. It is the last part of the 2006 wastewater treatment upgrade. 

No Wipes in Pipes

Wipes, garbage and any item other than toilet paper can blog sewer lines costing homeowners and the Village money. Please help us spread the word and keep repair costs down. Please click link below to the Village's press release and coverage in CNY Central New York on the Village of Chittenango's efforts to keep costs down. Please help us prevent these unnecessary maintenance costs by not flushing anything but human waste and toilet paper. 

Village Kicks Off Year-Long NO WIPES DOWN PIPES Program 


Proper discharge of rainwater

ATTENTION:  Please be advised that it is unlawful to pump groundwater/rainwater into the sewer system. 

Many homes experienced a back up of sewer water into their houses during those rain events. Sump pump water should be directed outside of the house and not connected to the sewer system. 

The system is more than capable of accepting normal sewer usage. However, when the sewer is overwhelmed it will back up and flood your house with a mix of rain and sewer water potentially causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. If you suspect or know that your drainage system is set up this way, please rectify the situation.