DPW Notices

MILLING/PAVING NOTICE: Starting this coming Monday, July 12th. the Village will be milling the following streets: Garlock, McDonnell St., and Dyke Rd. July 19th, the Village will be paving them. This is of course dependent on weather, etc.


YARD WASTE – Grass clippings/leaves will be collected throughout the growing season, but only if placed in open metal or plastic containers. No item of yard waste may exceed 5 feet in length nor weigh more than 50 pounds; in addition there is a two

(2) cubic yard limitation on yard waste per residence per week.


Make sure to remove any basketball hoops from the road so they don't get caught up in the plow or other vehicles. Thanks!

What is a water meter? click here to find out.

FRIENDLY RECYCLING REMINDER: As you may know, the Village/County requires that you separate your recyclables into 2 categories: those for paper/cardboard, and those for glass, aluminum, and plastic. Please make sure to take the little extra time to separate these articles, as it takes the DPW a considerable amount of extra time sorting them if there are not sorted appropriately. Thank you!

Village Brush Pick Up

***Village Brush pick up takes place on Mondays, and sometimes throughout the week. ***BRUSH PREPARATION AT THE CURB: Please make sure to put your yard waste in containers or in paper leaf bags.

Trash Collection

You can download a form for scheduling a pickup on your regular trash collection day for special items.

You pay the required collection fee at the Clerk’s Office (check or cash) and then those items will be collected on your next regular pickup day after payment. To request the Villages’ brush truck or other public works issues or concerns email pgregory@chittenango.org or

call 315 870-0971.