DPW Notices

Leaf Truck Has Been Retired for the Year

The DPW has retired the leaf truck for the year. If you'd like leaves picked up, please containerize them in trash cans, other totes, or leaf bags for brush pick up on Mondays. Thank you!

Garbage Truck Committee

(7/1/21) Rationale: Over the next 1-2 years, the Village of Chittenango is going to switch the way that trash is picked up to an automated garbage pick up system. This is primarily because it is increasingly difficult to find people willing and able to consistently work on the back of the garbage truck. In addition, this reduces the inherent risk associated with the job itself. Under this new program, the DPW will require two less part time workers, as only one employee will be needed to complete garbage collection. It will also be more efficient--as it can save up to 25% on pick up times throughout the week.

While this transition is necessary, it will come with a lot of decisions that affect its rollout and implementation. Therefore, a committee has been established and we are asking that if you are interested in volunteering in how to shape the new program, to please reach out to Paul Gregory @ pgregory@chittenango.org, or to call (315) 870 0971. The following is a small list of items that will be covered during the committee meetings.

The Committee is focusing on:

  1. Which truck to purchase

  2. What trash cans to purchase and how many, what size, etc?

  3. How to roll out the new system of an automated garbage truck

  4. How to tackle large item pickups.

  5. How to disseminate information to Village Residents the new rules.


YARD WASTE – Grass clippings/leaves will be collected throughout the growing season, but only if placed in open metal or plastic containers. No item of yard waste may exceed 5 feet in length nor weigh more than 50 pounds; in addition there is a two (2) cubic yard limitation on yard waste per residence per week.

***Village Brush pick up takes place on Mondays, and sometimes throughout the week. ***BRUSH PREPARATION AT THE CURB: Please make sure to put your yard waste in containers or in paper leaf bags.


Make sure to remove any basketball hoops from the road so they don't get caught up in the plow or other vehicles. Thanks!

What is a water meter? click here to find out.

FRIENDLY RECYCLING REMINDER: As you may know, the Village/County requires that you separate your recyclables into 2 categories: those for paper/cardboard, and those for glass, aluminum, and plastic. Please make sure to take the little extra time to separate these articles, as it takes the DPW a considerable amount of extra time sorting them if there are not sorted appropriately. Thank you!