If you live on Tuscarora or one of the adjoining neighborhoods and would like to join us or donate a little of your time, please email your contact information to: This project will benefit all of us. Please consider helping.***

TRAC Agendas and Minutes- click here.

Tuscarora Road historically has presented safety concerns amongst residents.  As our Village continues to grow and traffic intensifies, these concerns have grown as well.  In 2020, through a joint effort between the Mayor Martin and local residents, a study grant was applied for and awarded by the Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Committee  (SMTC).   As part of this study, the Village created the Tuscarora Road Advisory Committee (TRAC), consisting of residents living on or adjacent to Tuscarora Road.  Spanning two years, the study incorporated historical analysis, existing condition analysis, and extensive community involvement to create a series of recommendations to enhance the safety and function of Tuscarora Road for all users. Click here to view the published study from February 2022. 

On April 28, 2022, The Village Board adopted Tuscarora Road Corridor Study and Implementation Plan.  TRAC continues to work with the Board to implement recommendations of the Study.  With a number of projects and events planned over a 10-year period, we invite any interested residents of the area to join us by sending their name, address, and contact information to  Meetings are held at the Village Hall at 7:00 pm on the 4th Monday of each month.



In June 2020, Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council began a traffic safety project in conjunction with the Village of Chittenango and the Tuscarora Road Advisory Committee at no cost to the Village.  The focus of the study was to improve safety for residents, pedestrians and bicyclists, by encouraging motorists to follow the posted speed limit and reducing the number of non-resident vehicles using Tuscarora Road as an alternative to State Route 5.  Community input was sought through a Road Users Survey that was completed by 387 respondents in February.   The video outlines proposed solutions (see link to the left). PDF of Transportation Study

SMTC staff held a live Question & Answer session on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 from 4:00-5:30pm via Zoom. Anyone was welcome to attend and make comments using Zoom during the session. The following link to the left is a recording of the Q&A Session with SMTC about Tuscarora Rd.

Tuscarora Road Advisory Committee: Mission Statement

The Tuscarora Road Advisory Committee was formed with the goals of enhancing safety on Tuscarora Road and fostering a feeling of community between the village neighborhoods that have developed around Tuscarora Road. Currently, there are limited means for pedestrians and cyclists to move between neighborhoods north and south of Tuscarora Road.  By managing the volume of traffic and improving access through increased safety, residents north of Tuscarora Road will be better able to utilize existing village facilities without driving, and residents in all neighborhoods will be better able to visit the homes of friends and families within the village.  Furthermore, the committee seeks for pedestrians and cyclists, currently sharing Tuscarora Road with motor vehicles, to be provided with an environment in which they may safely continue their recreational activities.  Drivers utilizing Tuscarora Road will be better able to visualize and predict the behaviors of cyclists and pedestrians.   Reduction of thru-traffic utilizingTuscarora Road as an alternate to Rt. 5 will be explored to enhance pedestrian/cyclist safety, bus safety, and exposure to storefronts within the business district.