Tuscarora Road Advisory Committee

Tuscarora Road Survey:

Mission Statement

The Tuscarora Road Advisory Committee was formed with the goals of enhancing safety on Tuscarora Road and fostering a feeling of community between the village neighborhoods that have developed around Tuscarora Road. Currently, there are limited means for pedestrians and cyclists to move between neighborhoods north and south of Tuscarora Road. By managing the volume of traffic and improving access through increased safety, residents north of Tuscarora Road will be better able to utilize existing village facilities without driving, and residents in all neighborhoods will be better able to visit the homes of friends and families within the village. Furthermore, the committee seeks for pedestrians and cyclists, currently sharing Tuscarora Road with motor vehicles, to be provided with an environment in which they may safely continue their recreational activities. Drivers utilizing Tuscarora Road will be better able to visualize and predict the behaviors of cyclists and pedestrians. Reduction of thru-traffic utilizingTuscarora Road as an alternate to Rt. 5 will be explored to enhance pedestrian/cyclist safety, bus safety, and exposure to storefronts within the business district.