September 17, 2018 - PB

September 17, 2018

Present: Bob Salmon, Scott Pellman, Joyce Newkirk, Bob Lake, Karl Anderson, Counsel Bell, Counsel Uno, Mr. Geer, Mr. Freunscht, Mr. Doss, Mr. Pulver, Mrs. Gardinier, Mr. King, Mrs. Doss

Chairman Salmon called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

296 Genesee Street site plan

Mr. Doss appeared before the Board this evening to discuss plans to renovate and add to and existing garage at the property of 296 Genesee Street. The garage faces Rouse Street. The planned addition is 10’4”x16 added to the existing 12 x 18 garage. The planned work is being done to create a commercial kitchen for his wife Jill (who is the Secretary to the Board). The overhead door and side door will be removed. A small door will be relocated once the exact floor plan is determined. The structure will not be connected to the existing house on the property. The facility will be tied into the existing water and sewer. This information will need to go to Madison County for their review as it is located on a State road. The Board reviewed the short form SEQR that the applicant had completed. Upon the motion made by Karl Anderson, seconded by Scott Pellman, the Board determines they are lead agency for purposes of SEQR that this is an unlisted action and determined a negative declaration. All members voting in favor.

Bob Freunscht – Chittenango Volunteer Fire Department – Comprehensive Review

Mr. Freunscht appeared before the Board to discuss plans the Fire Department has for placing a display shed, similar to the one the Village has for the lamp and lamplighter cart, to show the historic hand pumper fire truck that is currently in storage. The building size would be 24 x 13 with three plate glass windows. The building will have French doors and the plan is to put pavers around the perimeter of the building, it will have a hip style roof and will be sided with a metal product that looks like cedar (for ease of maintenance). The plan is to locate the structure on Genesee Street, behind sidewalk (partially in the grass area and partially in the parking lot, near flag pole and where two trees currently are planted. Those trees would be moved and replanted. The roof would be green. The Board asked the color of the siding, Mr. Freunscht asked what color the Board would like to see on the structure. The Board commented that it should blend with what is existing around the area. He stated he would have it similar in color to the Fire Station. He also advised that he had checked vehicle site distance with placing the structure in this location, and there is not a problem with site distance. The Board thought this was a great idea to put history on display. The plan is to take photos and other information about the history of the vehicle and place it on the interior back wall for people to learn about the vehicle. There would be a small light inside the structure to highlight the display. Upon the motion made by Scott Pellman, seconded by Bob Lake, the Board approves of the display shed as outlined above for the Chittenango Volunteer Fire Department under the Comprehensive Plan. A building permit will need to be obtained from the Codes Department. All members present voting in favor. The Board reviewed the short form SEQR that was provided by the applicant. Upon the motion made by Bob Lake, seconded by Joyce Newkirk, the Board determines this to be an unlisted action for purposes of SEQR with a negative declaration. All members present voting in favor.

Andy Jones appeared during the discussion of the Chittenango Fire Department.

517 Race Street – Lisa Gardinier – subdivision

Mrs. Gardinier appeared before the Board this evening to discuss preliminarily a plan to divide property that she and her husband own at 517 Race Street. The property has 247 feet of frontage on Race Street and there is a large barn on a portion of the property. They would like to create a two-lot subdivision by dividing the property with the barn with a 100-foot frontage and the second lot with 147 feet of frontage. This would require a public hearing and would need to be submitted to the County for their review. Mrs. Gardinier thanked the Board, she was given a short form SEQR and she will contact her surveyor to provide the mapping required for her requested subdivision.


The Board members reviewed the minutes of August 6, 2018. Upon the motion made by Joyce Newkirk, seconded by Bob Lake, minutes of August 6 2018 approved as written. All members present voting in favor.

Sun Chevrolet

Code Officer Geer began explaining the plan for Sun Chevrolet repair/body shop renovations. Dan King from Sun Chevrolet appeared. He stated that in effort to clean up the area and because of their rebranding, they decided to put in a new fence, paint the building and replace the existing sign (that has old logo) and put an awning over the door. He stated he didn’t realize that he needed a building permit to replace the fence as it was going in the same location as the existing chain link. Because this property is in the gateway according to the Comprehensive Plan, any changes need to be brought before the Board. The fence is completely different from the existing metal chain link; white vinyl fence that provides more security and privacy. The fence at the rear will not be replaced, just repaired. The building will be painted a light gray and there will be blue accents around the doors, windows and metal trim along with the awning over the door. The sign is the same size (4 ft 6 x 6 ft), but will have the newer logo. There is no lighting being added and they will keep what is currently existing, letters on sign not lit. The Board asked that the SEQR form be completed and submitted to the Secretary. Upon the motion made by Andy Jones, seconded by Joyce Newkirk, the Board approves the changes for the Sun Chevrolet Body shop on Lakeport Road as outlined above. Building permits as necessary need to be obtained from the Codes Office. All members present voting in favor.

Dan King advised that the lighting for 111/113 W Genesee Street has been resolved, correct fixtures have been installed.

With no further business, meeting adjourned at 7:08 p.m. upon the motion made by Bob Lake, seconded by Scott Pellman. All members present voting in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Jill A. Doss

Secretary to PB