May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018

Present: Mayor Pulver, Trustee Horning, Trustee Bough Martin, Trustee Kopp, Trustee Baldwin, Counsel Bell, Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Kendall, Mr. Gloska, Mrs. Lynch, Mr. Cotter, P.I.G. student, Mrs. Doss

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

DPW Report

Mr. Gregory reported that the yard waste pickup is back to the routine pickup schedule, mulching has been done, several crosswalks have been freshly painted, pot holes have been filled, the Town will be mowing road edges along Tuscarora Road, the crew is getting ready for Oz weekend, Eggan will be cleaning out the lift stations tomorrow and the flower barrels will be placed in the downtown next week.

The Mayor noted that the agenda indicated setting up a special meeting for budget transfers, the transfer information was completed for tonight’s meeting, so a special meeting is not needed.


The Board members reviewed the minutes of April 24, 2018. Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Horning, minutes of April 24, 2018 approved as written. Trustees Horning, Kopp and Baldwin in favor, Trustee Bough Martin abstaining from voting as she was not in attendance at the meeting and there were discussions relating to the sewer boiler bid award with which she disclosed a conflict of interest. Mayor Pulver voting in favor. Motion carried.

Pedestrian Bridge

The Board discussed the recent bid for the pedestrian footbridge over the Erie Canal as the connector for the trail system. The Mayor reported that there are other aspects of the cost that need to be taken into consideration; fabrication, delivery, rigging in lifting off and on the trailer, and footers, in addition to the cost of the bridge. The Board discussed the bids received for six and eight-foot bridges.

Six Foot Eight Foot

Excel Bridge 62,000 70,500

Contech Es 88,514 103,852

Anderson Bridges 73,000 82,000

Bailey Bridges 68,316 76,316

Big R Bridges 89,675 100,050

Mayor Pulver proposed the following resolution:Whereas, the Village of Chittenango has secured commitments for financing from New York State Dormitory Authority for the construction of a pedestrian bridge at the Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum in the amount of $100,000; and

Whereas, the Village received sealed bids for the fabrication of such bridge on Friday April 27th at 3:00 PM; and

Whereas, the lowest conforming and responsible bid was received from Pioneer Bridges, 119 40th Street NE, Fort Payne, AL 35967 in the amount of $68,316; and

Whereas, the Village has secured approval for the construction of the bridge from New York State Parks and State Historic Preservation; and

Whereas, the Village desires to complete construction of the bridge in the fall of 2018.

Now, therefore, it is

Resolved, that award of the bid is a Type II Action in accordance with 6 N.Y.C.R.R. Part 617.5(c) (20); and it is further

Motion seconded by Trustee Baldwin

Mayor Pulver discussed the six-foot option as being of sufficient width for bikes and pedestrians; this is what has been used in two other bridges in our area Fayetteville and Dewitt. He has visited the two other locations and they appear to handle the traffic that uses them very well. Trustee Bough Martin commented that those bridges aren’t overlooking anything special, but that this one would with the close proximity of the Canal Museum and all the outdoor display areas. As a side note, she commented on the recent appraisal that was done on the D’Amico property at Tuscarora Road as part of the trail connection and the appraisal given is within reach of obtaining the property. She stated that the eight-foot bridge would serve the area and individuals using it better; wheelchairs, bikes with child carrier attachments and bikes going in two different directions. Trustee Baldwin stated that she envisioned individuals fishing from the bridge too. The two-foot width difference would make a big difference. She’d rather see the money spent up front for the wider bridge rather than having regrets later. The State is expanding the parking lot for the Canal on the opposite side of Lakeport Road, so she sees the State investing in the Canal as a means for increasing traffic using the Canal. Paul Cotter from the Canal Museum commented that the Canal Museum would support the eight-foot bridge for ease of pedestrian access and all the programs that the museum holds and events along the Canal the eight feet would certainly make access easier. He stated that a six-foot bridge wasn’t going to cut it; a lot of people do ride bikes with carriers attached, and there are a lot of wheelchair users as well. He said the Village has to not think of this extra money for an eight-foot bridge as an expense but as an investment for the community. Trustee Horning commented that having worked for ARC, there are a lot of individuals who love to be outdoors but are restricted to wheel chairs that sometimes are larger than normal wheelchairs, so having eight feet to navigate the bridge would be very useful. Mayor Pulver commented that he thought six feet would be sufficient as most individuals would walk their bikes over the bridge, which seems to be what he has observed in other locations. Mrs. Lynch commented that she is excited to see the dream is unfolding for the Village in the continued development of the trail system with the addition of the bridge which she supports having an eight-foot-wide structure. The Board amended the original resolution for awarding the bid after the discussion noted above. Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, the resolution was amended to reflect “Whereas, the lowest conforming and responsible bid was received from Pioneer Bridges (Bailey Bridges), 119 40th Street NE, Fort Payne, AL 35967 in the amount of $76,316 (for an 8-foot bridge); and” Resolved that the Board of Trustees hereby approves the bid award to Pioneer Bridges and authorizes the Mayor to execute the award documents, with all members present voting in favor.

Amended motion as noted above approved with all Board members voting in favor. Mr. Cotter commented that this bridge is a dynamic place for the Village to place the bridge. Hats of to everyone involved for the hard work that has been done on this project. It is really important as an identity for the Village. Trustee Bough Martin commented in regard to the Envisioning 2020 plan that had been conducted by Syracuse University several years ago and one of the ideas was connecting the Village with a trail system; the Village is seeing that vision come to fruition and the Village needs to capitalize on the vision. Mrs. Lynch commented again that this is a dream come true.

Purchase order

The Mayor spoke about putting into place a purchase order system.

Bonodio CPA

The Mayor spoke about having an agreed upon procedure audit conducted for the Clerk-Treasurer records by Bonodio Group for a cost not to exceed $5,000, and for the Court records for a cost not to exceed $1,000. Bonodio has been used by the Village to review end of year reporting for the AUD so they are familiar with the Village. The Board discussed the information that was presented. Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Bough Martin, the Board approves an Agreed Upon Procedure agreement for the Clerk-Treasurer and Receiver of Taxes records only for an amount not to exceed $5,000 with Bonodio Group. All members present voting in favor.

Street Closings – OzStravaganza 2018

The Board discussed the needed street closings for 2018 OzStravaganza! - June 1,2,3 2018. Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Kopp, the following street closings are authorized for OzStravaganza! scheduled for June 1,2,3,2018,

Whereas, public safety is important and Board also proclaims June 1-3 OzStravaganza weekend, a time for families to celebrate the hometown author, L. Frank Baum. Be it resolved that following streets are closed as so noted for the OzStravaganza event. All members present voting in favor.

Closed June 2, 2018

Genesee Street – Lake Street to Tuscarora Road 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

No Parking June 3, 2018 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Genesee Street – both sides Parker Lane to Arch Street

No Parking June 1,2,3,2018 - 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Route 173 Both sides Dyke Road to Village Line

Lake Street Both sides Genesee Street to Berkey Drive

North Street East side Russell Street to Tuscarora Road

Race Street West side Tuscarora Road to Catherine Street

Russell Street North side Race Street to Lake Street

Catherine Street North side Race Street to Genesee Street

Arch Street South side Race Street to Genesee Street

Seneca Street East side Genesee Street up 750’

Tuscarora Road South side Genesee Street up to “s” curve

Falls Boulevard East side Parker Lane to Skelding Street

McDonnell Street West side Seneca Street to Genesee Street

No Parking – June 1,2,3,2018

Oneida Street West side Mohawk Street to Pottery Road

Mohawk Street South side Lakeport Road to Esco Turbine

Legion Drive West side Genesee Street to Canal

Pottery Road South side Lakeport Road to Oneida Street

Closed – May 31, June 1, 2,3,4, 2018

Russell Street – Genesee Street to Race Street

Arch Street – Genesee Street to North Street

North Street – Russell – Arch Street

Lanzafame Agreement

The Board discussed Phase II of the drainage agreement. Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Horning the following resolution was moved and approved with all members present voting in favor.

Whereas the Village of Chittenango (Village) has experienced significant flooding in the past in the downtown area due to heavy runoff during rain storm events from farm fields located east of the Village and desires to mitigate future flooding; and Whereas Madison County Soil & Water Conservation District (MCSWCD) has designed and secured funding for the construction of a storm water mitigation facility titled the “Chittenango Flood Mitigation Project,” to mitigate damage from future flood events which is to be located on property currently owned by S. J. Lanzafame, LLC; and

Whereas, the Village will own and maintain the facilities once constructed; and

Whereas, no other agency has the authority or jurisdiction to approve or enter into an “Agreement for the Purchase and Sale” of land with storm water facility improvements on behalf of the Village; and

Whereas, the Village Board has considered an “Agreement of Purchase and Sale” for the acquisition of land from S. J. Lanzafame, LLC, to allow for the construction of storm water facilities to eliminate the impacts to be realized in the downtown area when significant flood events occur, and has considered the criteria contained in 6 N.Y.C.R.R. Part 617.7 and has compared the impacts which may be reasonably expected to result from the execution of the aforementioned “Agreement for the Purchase and Sale” and the installation of the proposed storm water facilities; and

Whereas, it is the desire of all parties; S. J. Lanzafame, LLC, MSSWCD and the Village to construct the facility and transfer ownership in 2018.

Now, therefore, it is

Resolved that the execution of the “Agreement for Purchase and Sale” is an Unlisted Action in accordance with 6 N.Y.C.R.R. Part 617.5, there are no other involved agencies and this Board shall act as lead agency in this matter for purposes of SEQRA review; and it is further

Resolved, that the Board hereby renders a negative declaration under SEQRA; and it is further

Resolved, that Chittenango Board of Trustees hereby authorizes the Mayor to enter into an “Agreement of Purchase and Sale” with S. J. Lanzafame, LLC for the subject property in an amount not to exceed $10,000.

Court Audit – State request

The Board reviewed the letter received from the NYS Unified Court System in regard to providing their office with an audit of the Court records. This information will be sent after the Audit is done at the end of June.


WWTP- Trustee Baldwin reported that there will not be a written report this evening. Mr. Cunningham advised her that the Plant is operating well. There was a pre-construction meeting for installation of the new boiler at the Plant. Planned start of work on the boiler is July.

Old Business

Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Bough Martin the Board pre-authorizes payment for the June 2018 Onondaga Mayor’s Association Dinner meeting if any Board member or Mayor wish to attend. All members present voting in favor.

Bordell/Kinsella Lease extension

The Board members discussed extending the lease for 720 Legion Drive building. Upon the motion made by Trustee Horning, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, the Board authorizes the Mayor to sign the lease extension and approves the agreement for Bordell/Kinsella 720 Legion Drive for a period of 5 years. All members present voting in favor.

Madison County Website

Trustee Baldwin spoke to the Board in regard to the Village’s website, which has some issues. She is planning to set up a meeting with the County to see what the next phase might be for creating a new website for the Village. The Board was waiting to see if Trustee Bough Martin was able to get information about a BOCES web program, but Trustee Bough Martin was unable to find contact information for that program.

Street lighting facility update

The Mayor spoke to the Board in regard to some recent legislation to do with street lighting and tariffs. Depreciation is based on 20 years. It looks favorable for Villages’ to obtain lighting facilities. The Mayor has advised that he has sent a letter to National Grid in regard to this recent development.

Town of Manlius Sewer Connection Fees

The Board discussed the sewer connection fees from the Town of Manlius. Counsel Bell has been in touch with Tim Frateschi, Attorney for the Town of Manlius. Apparently, the fee payment process derailed for a while. Counsel Bell will send a letter to Ryan Homes on the Law Firm stationery in regard the contractual agreement for the sewer connection fees. The Town will be copied on the correspondence.

Valley Acres Diversion

Counsel Bell reported that the property had transferred recently. Counsel Bell is attempting to contact the parties involved. She will try to pull the deed as an avenue for collecting more information.

Seneca Meadows

The Mayor advised that he has not received any thing back from Seneca Meadows in regard the new rate for leachate.

Enabling Resolutions

Clerk-Treasurer and Counsel will work on putting together enabling resolutions for the capital projects.

Kirschenheiter Park

Camera is installed and working. The data is currently on a Sim card. The Board discussed signage for the Park. Trustee Bough Martin will speak with the Police Department. Trustee Horning commented that he has noted families using the Park and not youth just hanging out at the Park.

Paving Update

The Mayor reported that a price has been obtained to pave the parking lot at the Village Hall in the amount of $17,000. The plan is to proceed. There will be more information at next month’s meeting.

He also reported he has been working with the Town of Sullivan in regard to paving. The Mayor will send the paving bid information to Counsel Bell.

CPP Sewer billing rate change

The Mayor advised that the billing rate for CPP will change. This will take place with the June 2018 monthly billing.

CDS Development

The Mayor advised that a group met with CDS Development in regard to the possible development of the former Lake Street School. They are looking to re-develop the School property and are looking for a tax break for the development.

Unused Vacation Time

The Board discussed the unused vacation time that Mrs. Doss currently has. There are 18 days that she has been unable to use this year due to retirement of Linda Price and training for Debra Thayer. The Board also spoke of unused vacation time that Nelson Smith has as well. Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Horning, the unused vacation for Mrs. Doss and Mr. Smith for the year ending 5/31/18 will be held over for six months. Mrs. Doss was encouraged to take the time off. She commented that she won’t be taking time in June with tax collection and year end processes. All members present voting in favor.

Lyme Disease

Trustee Baldwin spoke to the Board in regard to the issue of Lyme Disease and its’ prevalence in the Community. Trustee Horning stated he had spoken with the Town Parks Department about the concern and they are currently looking into what the plan is. The Board spoke about posting and making individuals aware of the concern. Information needs to get out to the citizens using the various parks and trails in the area. Trustee Horning will speak to the Town Parks & Recreation Department tomorrow.

Electric Car Charging Station

The Board spoke about the idea of having an electric car charging station with all the changes with electric vehicles. There probably would need to be revision to the Code allowing for charging stations to be installed. This is a topic that will need more discussion and review.

Busa Land-Tuscarora Road

Trustee Baldwin questioned all the log cutting and trails that have been created on property owned by Andy Busa that faces Tuscarora Road near the former “s” curve. She noted a lot of trees have been cut down and many trails have been cut into the hillside. The Board talked about the steep slopes legislation that the Board had adopted last year. She wondered why the applicant hadn’t followed the procedure in the Code. She inquired about clean up and whether that was addressed in the Code. A stop work order had been issued by Codes because of the issues. Counsel Bell will check the Law and advise.

May 24, 2018 – After Hours Chamber Event

The Board discussed the after-hours event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and The Grand that will be held on May 24, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. The Board is invited to attend.


The Board discussed the Hummer that the Village took possession of several years ago through the Camden Police Department and Federal Government. The vehicle has been in storage at the Sewer Treatment Plant storage building. It was taken out of storage and a mechanic has looked it over for its’ road worthiness. It needs batteries and does have one side of the windshield that is broken. It apparently doesn’t need license plates or need to be registered or have insurance and Trustee Horning would like to see the vehicle put on the road. It could be used in the event of a flooding emergency (it has high wheel clearance) or perhaps in the case of a major police emergency. Would only be used in the event of an emergency. There are two officers who have experience driving this type of vehicle. To make the necessary repairs would require approximately $1,000. It would need basic maintenance but nothing major. The Board discussed at length the use of the vehicle. The suggestion was made to use it for a 6-month trial period and then re-visit and re-evaluate the costs and usefulness. We would need to keep records including fuel usage. The Board suggested having the repairs made and put the vehicle on display at the Artisan Market with a sign indicating that the vehicle had been donated to the Village and would be used in emergency situations only. The intention is not to drive it around every day. The Board agreed to make repairs, use it for 6-months and then re-visit.

Budget Modifications

General Fund

A1110.45 Contractual increase $100

A1110.16 Court Security decrease 100

A1210.2 Equipment increase 800

A1210.41 Postage decrease 100

A1210.46 Supplies decrease 100

A1210.43 Training Ben increase 440

A1340.4 Budget Officer decrease 1040

A1410.42 Pub/Software increase 2000

A1410.45 Contractual decrease 2000

A3120.11 Police OT increase 5000

A3120.1 Police, Pers. decrease 5000

A3120.43 Training increase 3000

A3120.45 Contractual increase 500

A3120.47 Fuel decrease 3500

A8160.1 Contractual increase 952.50

A8160.45 Landfill decrease 952.50

A8989.41 OCWA decrease 892.21

A8989.45 Hydrant exp increase 892.21

A9089.8 Compensated Absence 17.635.80

A913 Comm. FB 17,635.80

Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Horning, budget modifications as outlined above approved. All members present voting in favor.


The Board reviewed General Abstract #12 $63,372.25 for vouchers 778-845

Dell Computer $1,285.02 added. Upon the motion made by Trustee Baldwin, seconded by Trustee Horning, Abstract 12 and the added voucher for Dell approved for payment as outlined above. All members present voting in favor.

Sewer Abstract #12 $88,432.49 vouchers 204-219. Upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin, seconded by Trustee Baldwin, Sewer Abstract #12 approved as outlined above. All members present voting in favor.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be June 26, 2018.

With no further business, meeting adjourned at 9:37 p.m. upon the motion made by Trustee Bough Martin and seconded by Trustee Baldwin. All members present voting in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Jill A. Doss

Village Clerk-Treasurer